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  1. I'm not thrilled with Spielberg being the director. What is wrong with a Puerto Rican director? They are out there. And the film industry now is still struggling with the "whites only" being the majority. Whose fault is that? There are plenty of talented Hispanic, Puerto Rican people who are actors who do not catch a break because of this systemic bias. But some got through. They had to change their names though. Too "ethnic". Ah. Still the news of today. But for every one that did, hundreds did not. And all I want to see in Puerto Rican roles that specifically are Puerto Rican, a
  2. Wow, that's insulting. TCM is not about snobbery. Every day there is somebody new that discovers TCM. TCM doesn't talk down to people but you sure do. I learn something new each time I see a film being introduced by TCM. I don't see it as talking down to me but helpful information. And I know I am not the only person watching or having access to TCM so I don't assume everyone knows everything when watching TCM or watching any other channel. Loving and discussing films is not an elitist task. As you say, back to the film. You're talking about a movie made in 1961, at a time where
  3. As far as the latest remake of A Star is Born, it looks good. I don't know how one can judge "worse than awful" unless they got an advance copy of the completed film to make a true assessment. It definitely is a character film, and I am intrigued to see how Gaga carries it. She seems a natural. As far as Cooper, I am holding off on any further assessment, he is also the director, and something he had been fighting to get done for several years, this is his pet project and I hope he and Gaga deliver on this in their own way and knock it out of the park. To think, Elvis was supposed to play
  4. Attended the 50th Anniversary at Radio City Music Hall where Rita Moreno and George Chakiris were there to talk about the movie and introduce the showing of the film as it had been restored. Thus, I have zero need to see this film on the big screen. What got me was Natalie, though a very popular film star, should have never been Maria. I wish they had cast an unknown talented girl of Puerto Rican origin. And as some have suggested, since Ms. Wood was very popular a big star, it would bring young people to come to see the film. Hollywood decisions, go figure. Rita and George were incredib
  5. I was watching this in a kind of a strange mood so I related a lot more to some of the visuals. 1. What elements (set design, costume, prop, camera placement, acting) make this gag effective as visual comedy? The most lopsided house (reflecting everything wrong in construction and the way some pieces became props, like the initial front porch fence turned into a ladder for Keaton to climb up on to the roof). I also couldn't help but think of "that's apartment city life" when he's trying to utilize the chandelier and it's bringing down the ceiling. Keaton was so young, so thin. And h
  6. 1. Similar to Agee and Youngson's perspective in Daily Dose #1, Canby makes a claim at the end of his analysis that there is something missing into today's visual comedies when compared to the silent classics. Do you agree or disagree with Canby? Today's audiences are much different than an audience in Chaplin's time. Because more people back then, knew what it meant to go hungry. Not for staying "fashionably thin" but because jobs and money were scarce. Times were leaner, tougher. Chaplin showed this, but also showed a humanity about it, he was more humane. There are still tender mom
  7. If anyone is interested in learning about film history or another's take or point of view on it, I highly recommend this one. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2044056/ If you have Amazon Prime, you can view it there or buy it there.
  8. 1. Do you agree or disagree with Agee and Youngson's statements that the silent films from 1912 – 1930 constituted "comedy's greatest era" or its "golden age?" Why or why not? Don't agree -- this period (1912-1930) this is the initial groundwork, sketches of what the greats in the 30's, 40's and 50's would be inspired to fully draw out with better technology, better storytelling and, not just sound but color. The golden age has often been used to describe the 1950's of Television and again in the 1990's starting with The Sopranos -- better writing, more fleshed out characters that didn't
  9. Hi all - so excited to be joining in the fun. #slapstickfall I don't see the milking of the scene by either the setting or the characters. It seems very natural. Almost like seeing a family film, really. Except in black and white. A natural incident that more than one mischievous child has done in some form or another since time began. Not at all as slapsticky as the stuff I see now that passes for comedy. Today - It's more exaggerated and over the top now as if we've become immune to the little things in life and must have it beat over our heads until we pass out. Delighte
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