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  1. 1. I think one thing that makes this scene work is the camera placement on focusing on one part of the house at a time rather than some of Keaton's work where we can see both the top and bottom of a house. When we are looking at the first floor and then the second, it seems like a tug of war, the audience is still aware of what is going on but the placement allows us to see each predicament, focusing in on the smaller picture one at a time, all the while knowing the bigger picture is going to have a breaking point, the audience is in on the joke. The chandelier is just funny, it's always been
  2. I believe that this lesson was right on! Slapstick is very much those definitions/elements. I think of them more as elements rather than an "all or nothing" definition because slapstick doesn't necessarily have to include all of these elements--for example violence. Slapstick can be as simple as falling out of a chair-not necessarily violent.
  3. I don't agree it was comedy's greatest age but I do believe it was possibly the most innovative. So much of comedy is dependent on sound to aid delivery. Impressions and voices are great sources of comedy. And silence can also be used as a source of comedy when sound is present such as Jack Benny's pregnant pauses---but without sound something is lost in the delivery and tone. Sight gags have never gone away and pratfalls or tumbles are still happening in modern comedy but it is just less prevalent as it was in the silent era where sight is the main sense used. Documentaries are tricky for m
  4. What strikes me is the element of surprise. Most comedy is based on the element of surprise but in this film, the viewer is not necessarily going to be surprised by the outcome of releasing a foot from a hose. Perhaps the tension release is from the reaction where it seems only natural for an audience to react. As Steve Martin's comedy went his theory for his comedy routines was to have so much set up--with no punchline would force people to react at an appropriate time. The anticipation demands a release. I am interested by the boy. Who is he? If it is at a house, and it is a house gardener-
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