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  1. I just finished the final too, and I'm a proud holder of all five Slapstick Fall badges. Thank you TCM and Dr. Edwards for putting this course together. I had a great time learning about the history of slapstick films, and really enjoyed seeing everyone's comments on the Daily Doses here on the message boards. I wish I had more time to watch the movies with the live tweeting. I did check in often with searches for #SlapstickFall to see the tweets later. Thanks to Dr. Gehring and Vince Cellini for participating in the videos. They added a nice variety to the printed modules and em
  2. 1. How would you describe ZAZ's approach to film parody or film spoofs in this scene? Cite specific examples. Like others have posted here, ZAZ's approach is to relentlessly fire off the gags in rapid succession. So many things happen that it's worth watching the film again to see what was missed on the first pass. Specific examples include every time they cut back to the car another air bag has gone off inside it, and the simple scene of walking to the next room has the moment where two characters walk through the door but Frank Drebbin walks off the set and around the wall to get into t
  3. 1. How does this scene successfully parody the old Universal Horror films of the 1930s? Be specific. The use of black and white mirrors the look of the Universal monster movies. There is a stranger in the back row of the lecture hall with an old wooden box with the journals of the elder Dr. Frankenstein which is similar to Dr. Pretorious arriving in Bride of Frankenstein to convince Victor to resume his experiments. Gene Wilder captures the essence of Colin Clive playing Victor Frankenstein with the wild eyes and voice as he is clearly engaged in his theories. 2. In keeping with Gene
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