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  1. I've had an interest in comedy and film since I can remember, but I certainly don't have the expertise. I also have a constantly changing work schedule that would make participating near impossible. However, I'd love to vote on topics and watch the completed videos. I think it would be great to not only further my education but also get to know my fellow classmates! I hope a lot of students are able to participate and I look forward to watching the finished product! Good luck!
  2. Some of my favorite classic TV shows are: *The Addams Family *The Munsters *The Bob Newhart Show *You Bet Your Life *The Red Skelton Show *Laverne and Shirley *The Dean Martin Variety Show *The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast *The Carol Burnett Show *I Dream of Jeannie *Bewitched *The Dick van Dyke Show *Soap *Mama's Family * M*A*S*H *The Young Ones *Golden Girls
  3. Thank you for sharing information about the Laughing Matters documentary with Rowan Atkinson! I would love to see that! Shame it's not on Youtube, but I'll keep a note to look for it in it's entirety in the future! I watch a lot of British comedy as well, and you see a lot of slapstick and prank type humor throughout.
  4. You ask a good question! This has frustrated me for some time. I remember talking about film in a different forum (not TCM or film related actually) and many of the posters claimed that comedy was the lowest form of film making. In my opinion, comedy is the hardest form of film making. Comedy has layers just like any other film. You still have to have well thought out characters and an engaging story line, even the most ridiculous. Performance of the actors is vital. I don't care how "funny" the joke may actually be, if the actor doesn't execute the joke with the correct timing and delivery t
  5. It was a pleasure to watch both versions of L'Arroseur Arrose, and to witness slapstick take shape. I agree with many posters on here who prefer the remake. Unlike the original, the newer version of the gag allows the water in the hose to completely stop and stay that way until the time comes. It gives it more of an explosive impact when the water is finally released and the satisfaction is greater for the viewer who was anticipating it. It's amazing to see the gags that stood the test of time. I grew up watching the water hose gag in different comedy films and cartoons. It's nice to know
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