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  1. I could not stop finding classic hero type moments from all my favorite movies-Trinton throwing from Spartacus,Net dragging from Planet of the apes,dance off's with switch blades from West side story,it seemed as though every comic channeled a hero from Charlton Heston to Chevay Chase in Three Amigio's. Movie infrences Mel Brook style,zany furious pacing ZAZ style,pie in the face meets Keystone cops chaos,its got it all.
  2. Zaz,approach and the timing of the gags runs at a break neck pace-almost like a Tom and Jerry cartoon chase scene,with each pass Tom or Jerry appears with a larger hammer or object in order to "out do" the other in hitting one over the head.Brooks/Wilder tend to set up a verbal gag-then pause (take a breath) and hit you with the gag line.Wilder in particular would hesitate just long enough and get that certain glint in his eye and slight smile before delivery of the "punch" line .ZAZ movies you need to literely watch several times in order not to miss a gag,the pace is like a freight train sl
  3. The use of black and white film removes us from the present time and takes us back to our childhood. Spooky castles, creepy old people whispering history's of ancient hauntings, murder , and family skeltons in the closets.We are placed in a fun campy mood of disbelief right from the start . We have "knowledge" of how a "mad" scientist acts and thinks-Wilders actions have us waiting with baited breath for him to "lose" his self control and let "out" the unrestrained thinking of his passions.Wilder doesn't disappoint us,he winds us up slowly but,when he loses his control he makes us laugh instea
  4. I find the music disconcerting and unconnected to the action .,I also think if the man taking the food order would have shown more exaggeration in disbelief of Woody Allens , order it would have been more enjoyable as slapstick.
  5. What can I say ?-who doesn't love a villain dressed in black head to tails-(tux coat tails that is lol),with a huge mustache to twirl and sneer ?- I can easily see Professor Fate tying ladies to train tracks, demanding the rent or marriage, the audience boo's, hisses, at every entrance-vs the dressed in white hero arriving at the last minute to save the day. Professor Fate is Wild E. Coyote to a tee with huge cannons, arrow machines, and general mayhem.
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