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  1. August looks like it will be a terrible month!! Anybody look at the upcoming schedule?
  2. I would love to see Clara again on TCM, and I don't mean It or Wings. I would love to see her obscure talkies or maybe a recently rediscovered gem that not been aired ever anywhere.
  3. Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, and Buster Keaton are starting to get stale for Silent Sundays. I wish we could get something different on. I'm still sure there are a lot of silents that have not yet been shown yet or could be repeated again instead of the same "Big Three."
  4. You mean we get to see some classic Seka or Marilyn Chambers on TCM? Anybody remember Andrea True?
  5. Oscar month is the absolute pits!!
  6. I think Channel 11 sometimes showed movies in 3D. I can remember them playing Revenge of the Creature and The Mask. I think you could get glasses at Co-Go's stores. Since I live about an hour away from Pgh. we made our our own glasses out of red and blue cellophane and made construction paper frames and arms for them. Lol. They worked a little bit. I still have Virgin Among the Living Dead taped from 22. It was a cut mess. The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave wasn't very good, but at least it had Erika Blanc. Our local station here in Ohio (about 1 hour from Pittsburgh) used to show
  7. TCM has played a lot of Marion's films, but it is true that nothing seems to be available much for the DVD market. I know she has many fans, but I don't know if they consider her fanbase big enough for something like a boxed set. That would be very cool! Maybe TCM will do another retrospective on her career one day. I think there is a movie of hers called "It's A Wise Child" that can't be shown anywhere because of a stupid court case from many years ago.
  8. Has anybody caught a screening of this rare Valentino-Swanson film? I'm eagerly awaiting the DVD release. I heard the movie is "just ordinary" and not really different from other movies at the time except it has Valentino and Swanson in it. Since they are both big favorites of mine I'm sure I will enjoy it no matter what.
  9. Are there any fans here of Amando de Ossorio and his Blind Dead films? I also like his film titled "Grasp of the Lorelei" a.k.a. "When the Screaming Stops." Yes, the fims are a bit cheesy, but I think they are more fun than the horror that is directed towards the audiences of today. All of his Blind Dead films have been released recently in a boxed DVD set, but it just a little too pricey for me right now.
  10. I taped (and still have) Twisted Brain from Channel 22. I think 22 had something called Scream Theater for awhile, and on Saturday nights they would have Moana's Place. Moana was sort of an Elvira knockoff. Moana showed some pretty cool movies like Deadly Spawn uncut! I think she also played Fred Olen Ray's Scalps. Scream Theater would show low budget stuff like Andy Milligan's The Rats Are Coming The Werewolves Are Here, Man with Two Heads, etc. Whatever happened to all of the fun television programming? I would've liked to have seen the showing of F13 Part 2 to see if it was uncut or no
  11. I would love to see Argento and Fulci films played on TCM, but I don' t think they would fit the format of the station. There are a lot of Fulci films I haven't seen yet like "A Lizard In a Woman's Skin." I believe The Exorcist lost a lot of it's punch over the years. I saw it in the theater several years back during it's re-release and the obnoxious kids were laughing and talking all the way through. The movie was a comedy to them.
  12. WPXI Channel 11 Pittsburgh used to run DLITB all the time in the 1980's on their Saturday Late Late Show. They edited the nudity and the killing of Dr. Masters. I never had the honor of seeing any of the Brownrigg films at a drive-in or grindhouse. I would love to know whatever happened to Rosie Holotik.
  13. I have Twinkletoes, but I have only watched it once. It's been so long I can't tell you what is about. I still never got around yet to getting The Lilac Time and Orchids and Ermine.
  14. WOW!!! I had NO Gloria Swanson's "Don't Change Your Husband" was released on DVD. Her film "Why Change Your Wife?" is being released tomorrow by Image Entertainment. I've never seen DCYH, but I have a bad faded copy of WCYW.
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