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  1. Striesand really puts her self into this song we see her shyness and how reflective she is the camera follows her and captures all the emotion putting Omar Sherif in the background. In doing that it let's her shine.
  2. This scene is pertinent because after all the work that's been put into Eliza she finds out that it was all for a bet now she is faced with a uncertain future. Questions like does she continue on as his Ward of sorts? Now that she is this proper, lady where does she go from here? And Rex Harrison remains clueless about her fears he won the bet that's it as far as he is concerned so when she screams at him and throws his slippers at him he still remains clueless as to why if you really boil this movie Down to it's essence it's all about Rex Harrisons characters ego can he take this street lady
  3. In the two clips you see two different sides of Robert Preston one a slick shyster the other a suave slick troublemaker.one is trying to sell to the public the other is showing the audience themself. I saw him in the last Starfighter and even in that one he was trying to convince a young boy to come with him and fight in a real star battle. In this and the other clips he is this convincing kind of con artist naughty devil may care character.
  4. this scene has the look and feel of a 40s or early 50s musical. i like the fact that Rosalind Russell just shows up and and takes over and the little bubble girl is little risque because we have seen the bubble dance but only with adults even if don.t see her dance just looking at her we can imagine.
  5. I love gene kelly as the struggling artist the use of color in the ending scene is brilliant and how it disappears at the end as does gene kelly and we only see the rose. I don,t think of him as unlikable he is just frustrated at his paintings being unappreciated and we see that come out when the third yr student tries to critiqe his paintings and he shoos her off
  6. whats fun about this scene, is that the two donald o,connor and gene kelly are like two naughty boys and as they proceed through the scene they push,pull and tease the poor professor and then proceed to pile stuff on top of him at the end. they take a little tongue twister and do a dance number around it is great.
  7. I love this film it has been a while since i watched it. she presents this tomboy persona in the movie which was very rare in the 50s and Doris Day pulls it off very well. she goes from a tomboy in the begining and ends up a lady in the end we have fun watching this transformation
  8. I love this movie and the song it incompass,s everything about the movies you can,t hear this song and not think of various movie scenes. And in this scenes and through their interaction they drive home that point and they all play off each other Beautifully.
  9. In this clip it was very rare to to show blacks portrayed as real down to earth people. Before they were portrayed in comedic roles or as butlers, servants here they are shown as real people with real life problems we see them as people with the times being what they were, (racial inequality) this was a risky movie but it works on many levels.
  10. It's interesting in this film (take me out to the ball game) it's the woman going after the man not the other way around. In the movie on the town when they pair up Sinatra and Garrett again it,s girl chases boy.
  11. I first saw Judy like all of us in the wizard of Oz. And as she grew up we watched her grow on screen with each movie she did. Meet me in St Louis, Easter parade, in the good old summertime, and with each movie she did you could see the enjoyment in her face. It's sad we lost her so early.
  12. We see Fred Astaire trying to woo ginger Rogers and at first she is resistant but as the scene progresses she slowly warms to his charm and matches his moves step for step it's almost like they are trying to one up each other and she is saying I can match each one of your steps and they both end up enjoying the competition. Its light-hearted and we enjoy the the competetiness of the two
  13. I like how the scene is like a rollercoaster of emotions for us. We don't understand what is being said but we get the gist.first we have the argument about the garter which is amusing now but back then to see a woman's garter on screen was a bit shocking.then when she pulls out the gun we are really shocked. Then her husband shows up and things get awkward she appears to shoot herself which we find out minutes later is a pistol with blanks it's almost like a miniature soap opera. And with Marie,s facial expression it also tells its own story
  14. Yes she is being woo,Ed by two prospects for their show and she is making light of her decision which one will I choose. As to question # 3 she would have been dressed more scantily and the tone would would have taken a more somber feel
  15. 1) in this film Hitchcock open not in a crowd or inside somewhere but in the open 2) we are drawn into this dream and the voice of Joan fontaine helps with this 3) when we finally see Manderley the shadow cast by the moon moving over the house almost gives it a personality of it's own so much so we want to find out its story
  16. 1)the music kind of reminds you of a short film like the little rascals.you can almost feel the frustration in the people seated.then the lady comes in smiling lifting the mood in the room a bit then the mood drops again and Hitchcock reenforces that frustrated mood with the two men talking loudly as the skis clatter and the clock chimes all at the same time. 2)The two men Caldicott and Charters are also frustrated but for their own reasons. One for missing the train then at each other because the one insisted on standing for the nation anthem then finding out it was 20 min long 3)When
  17. 1) Hitchcock opens his scenes in crowds,in places we go everyday at a sporting event or on a train or a music Hall 2)I agree he takes an ordinary person and thrusts them into extrodinary situations 3)No one is taking Mr memory seriously like the main character in the man who knew to much he tries telling the truth but no one believes him their money apt to believe his lies then his truth
  18. I think a little of both plot and character the one will work with the other hand in hand in Peter Lorre there seems to be more to him beneath the surface then we see on the outward appearance That will eventually come out our view of him changes as we see what's under the surface emerge
  19. {1 He takes the Dragnet approach to police dramas and turns it upside down. like when they walk in to the room instead of going through the Door like the other two men,Drebin walks past the false wall (2 Mel Brooks approach is seamless everything knitted together. whereas zazs approach is controlled chaos (3 If you put the two together their alike Drebin is the american version of Clouseau thy both embrace the clueless Detective who solves the case without knowing how they did it.
  20. 1) you notice that Tony Curtis never speaks throughout the scene, He,s cool and collected. Whereas the Villan and his assistant try to slip up the hero (Tony Curtis) and it ends up backfiring on them like a bugs bunny cartoon. 2) No matter what the hero walks away without a scratch oblivious to what has just h
  21. 1) The warped pool stick. The fact that inspector Clouseau has gripped and stroked the stick so hard it has warped, yet he still chooses to use it, hoping that the suspect won,t notice. 2) He,s clueless and inept even through all this, He still trying to portray a man who has it all together.
  22. I love How each play off each other bud Abbot playing straight man to lou costello one the of the great comedy Duos it is sad they aren,t given the credit they deserve
  23. I like how WC fields kind of wanders through the scene throwing out barbs and the scene with the child where he picks up the planter, we wonder would he really have thrown it ? then he meets his Daughters boyfriend OG ogilvey sounds like a tumble in the bathtub to funny
  24. Baseball just lends itself to slapstick as these clips show. from Leslie Nelson to Harold Loyd they are all big laughs.
  25. the Marx brothers are the Masters of verbal slapstick you see it in their comedy they bounce things off each other like a verbal tennis match one will throw out a line and the others feed off of that and throw it back but with a little twist you can see it in the clip its what made them masters.
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