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  1. I think it matches all the slapstick points but one violence it conforms to Gerald mast description well it blends well from the silent era to the talkies.
  2. I like the fact that he is a man just trying to show his girl a good time. In doing so he encounters a few flubs along the way. I also like how he uses the scene where he eats all that food and in the next scene he has us fooled into thinking one thing when it turns out its something totally different. a scene used in many a comedy in the future. I also like how LLOYD seem more at ease with his gags like they come natural. Chaplin was more simple Keaton was more props everything happens to him kind of comic whereas LLOYD was more he encountered things in hi day to day doings he uses wha
  3. Chaplin was the master of simple banana peel pane of glass in the kid. whereas Buster Keaton was more complex. you see Keaton use a lot more props the piano. the house itself,the porch railing he uses as a ladder. Also Chaplin was all about rising up against society. whereas Keaton everything seem to happen to him The piano falls on him then he fights it trying to get it in the house and when he does the floor caves in he is the man who can,t catch a break.
  4. 1. I agree the gag is simple man is hungry swipes cake when propietor isn,t looking How many times can he swipe before he is caught. 2. the small stand Chaplin doesn,t give us much to be distracted by.the whole scene is focused on the stand and the tramp with the dog so our focus is the same.
  5. Chaplin was comic Genius Today we see His bits, and we laugh our self silly. But back then his kicking the cop in the but was a kind of statement for Chaplin a kind of rallying against the establishment if you will. thumbing his nose so to speak. When you watch his bits you see a theme him against society His film The Kid is a great example of that
  6. I think slapstick is all five. to enjoy slapstick you have to suspend disbelief. you have to give the viewer enough credit that what you see is not real. The first four points is what makes a good slapstick. the fifth point concerning violence is I think up to the viewer. The question then becomes when Does slapstick become to violent I know violence is part of slapstick but where is the moderation what makes slapstick violence funny and not to the point where people are not laughing
  7. Its really simple, a man gets sprayed in the face with a hose. From that simple scene slapstick has grown to pie in the face,to banana peel slip and so on and so on
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