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  1. I do not agree that physical comedy disappeared but it definitely became less of a focus as films became more dialogue heavy. I believe that physical comedy marked remained a key component in many classic comedies. Whether it was the work of Jerry Lewis up through more modern films like Raising Arizona There's Something About Mary, physical comedy is always there for as an added dimension.
  2. I honestly believe that this definition is too broad. I think there are different types of slapstick. The Three Stooges are the epitome of violent, ritualistic slapstick. Whereas, Keaton or Chaplin's form of "slapstick" was more refined and clever. It had some aspects of violence and repeated gags but their works took on a more graceful air about them. At times they seemed almost balletic. I wouldn't go so far as to say their is lowbrow and highbrow slapstick, but this definition tries to fit them all and I really don't think a single definition can do that.
  3. The clip still holds up very well and truly showcased the early potential of film. More importantly, it also illustrates a classic trope of comedy, the practical joke. Whether it's in film or real life, the practical joke has been a source of humor throughout history. and still amuses people today.
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