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  1. 1. Hitchcock uses montage to add a somewhat chaotic rhythm to the scene so the audience can relate to the chaos running through the main characters mind as he watches his wife speak to another man. 2. Hitchcock puts us into the main characters mind as we watch his wife speaking with another man in close proximity through a mirror. By cutting to the mirror, then to the dancers, back to the mirror and seeing the main characters reaction, the audience is able to see the jealousy on his face. His mind is spinning like the record, the thoughts are running through his head haphazardly like the wome
  2. 1. Compare the opening of The Lodger to the opening of The Pleasure Garden - what similarities and differences do you see between the two films? The Lodger opens with an eery image that resembles a falcon shadow, cutting to a woman screaming across the frame. The audience is immediately met with excessive emotion and questioning why she is screaming. The Pleasure Garden is more playful. The audience see's women running down a staircase into a performance onstage. 2. Identify elements of the "Hitchcock style" in this sequence? Please provide specific examples. Even if you are not sure if it i
  3. 1. Do you see the beginnings of the "Hitchcock touch" in this sequence? Please provide specific examples. I do see the Hitchcock touch in this film in the camera angles he uses. He has films shot in a way that the audience knows exactly what Hitchcock wants them to see. For example, he wants the audience to see the women running down the stair case and nothing else which is why the stairs are the only thing in the frame. Also, he wants the audience to see the women from the spectators point of view. He switches from both the women p.o.v. and the spectators p.o.v. 2. Do you agree or disagree
  4. I love this short slapstick film. I've seen it previously when I was going to school for film at ASU. It's so great because it's just every day life. My siblings would do the same during a summer day of watering the lawn. The audience knows the boy is going to do something to the hose as soon as they see him walking behind the gardner. I do wonder what the relationship is between these two characters. However, it's not necessary to know that information to know what is going to happen. It's so funny seeing the water splash into the older man's face and having his character wet the child. This
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