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  1. The opening of frenzy had a subtle feel. A patriotic proud display of London. And then the people surrounding the politician. Casual every day people listening to their politicians promises to make their environment cleaner and… Oh look a lady's floating in the Thames. Even that was Low key. The lodger … That was FRENZY! A woman screaming and frantic people everywhere. Hitchcock either opens with a very subtle every day people about their business or people enjoying their entertainment like in "the 39 steps". Or the hustle and bustle in "the lady vanishes". And then he has other openings like in "the lodger" where it is an instant jarring of the horror. In the opening of frenzy we go on a scenic ride. Even the people that are huddled around the politician we don't get a sense of who is the main character. We are not introduced to the main characters. For that reason it feels like a different opening. But still has the Hitchcock feel thanks to flooding dead lady.
  2. In this opening scene we see The back of a dark-haired presumably beautiful woman. Her interactions with her luggage and wardrobe shows us that she is up to something . She disposes of broccoli old bras panties suits and carefully takes out her new wardrobe and gingerly puts it in the new luggage piece. And then the washing of the hair. You see the dye going down the drain in the sink ( very psycho ) and then out emerges a beautiful blonde Marnie. We of course clearly see through her actions that she seems a bit devious and secretive. I love the added scene with the key down there great. Alfred Hitchcock was brilliant at bringing back his touches from other great movies. Including of course the social Security card with Marion's name. Dear sweet ouch bye-bye Marion. Herrmann's score was as always brilliant. Slowly building to the crescendo as our brunette cocoon turned into a stunningly Beautiful blonde butterfly. I agree with Hitchcock when he says his movies would be nothing without the music scores. Of course especially psycho. Hitchcock's cameo was very interesting. Like nothing before. It was blatant and there he was interfering in our scene and even looking at the camera for a second. It was very funny. But definitely a little jarring and unusual for his cameo.
  3. Actually despite the flirty nature between the two characters, I still find this opening scene ominous. The only thing that is light and cute is the little boy first whistling at Melanie. As Melanie enters the pet store and walked up the steps, the birds sound very agitated by her presence. I think I am overcome by the singing birds. That is to say that is why I never felt the feeling of a romantic comedy unfolding. Of course the movie is called "the birds". So I may have already made up my mind. But I do remember the first time I saw this movie. I felt an ominous presence from the birds. By the way I really love birds. So I have no preconceived issue. Again the only cute bird sound of me was when the little boy bird whistled at Melanie. Other than that I just always felt and unease from the birds songs. As far as our two characters we learn a lot about oh shoot what's the name rod Taylor's character but we learn nothing about Melanie. Except she wants a talking bird and she's having fun playing with Taylor. As far as Hitchcock's cameo, that feels lighthearted. It feels like he's leaving the scene of the impending crime. He gets out before the horror begins. Other than that I'm of no use to anyone today LOL have a wonderful day
  4. Bass and Herrmann's opening credits alone is an exciting experience. What a movie event! It certainly sets up that we are in for a ride. It's dizzying and mysterious but we are in for an exhilarating ride. Superb. Because of the jarring opening credits once we get to the location and time that Hitchcock establishes it settles down but it still makes us feel uneasy. I'm not kidding you I got goosebumps watching this opening. I can I wait to watch this movie again. But enough about me… :-) when the camera zooms in on the half shut window it has the same feel as a Rear Window . Another peeping Tom experience. This one much more lured. I remember once when I was looking in the window… Again I'm kidding I just wanted to make it about me. We are mostly drawn into Marion as the main character. She's doing most of the talking. She's talking to Sam about her boss. Her work. Their Secret afternoon dalliances. We are getting to know our character Marion. Oh Marion Marion Marion Marion. Oh dear Marion. Just stay in your own dreary world of work and afternoon delights. Just stay there!
  5. It is a nice face… Cary Grant. It has a voyeuristic feel to it watching these two flirt with each other. An added fascination that they are famous stars. It's a very fun, playful and sexy scene. There is indeed minimal action in this scene. Two stand outs: I like when the waiter serves Cary Grant's food… Perfect timing after her "I never make love on an empty stomach" line. Cary says "but you have eaten",Eve says:but you have not. And that is the exact time the waiter puts down Cary Grant's food. And yes Cary Grant fumbling with the matchbook is very sweet and shows he is nervous and anxious towards this very forward young lady. The background music also gives us a feel of being there. What one might here at dinner in a train headed for romance.
  6. This eye-popping (duh-huh. Puns are fun ) opening is exquisitely and powerfully scored. I find the music draws me in more than the imagery itself. What's the question? I remember. The feeling the score and the imagery produces is one of indeed been hypnotized. The opening shot of the woman and of course close into her eyes is mesmerizing. Clearly this is an obsession , but first I don't know if the obsession is from the woman or on the woman. Because I'm an idiot. OK OK so! I found it interesting when we first get the close-up on The woman's Eye her eyeball shows shock. So therefore we must be in for some ride. To me the most powerful imagery because it denotes "what is happening here" is the close-up on my eyeball and the shocked expression of the eyeball. Along with the score powerful baby. And we are drawn into the colorful vertigo images that are within the eyeball. Apparently I'm really in the eyeballs. Again the marriage of the score and the visual is exquisite powerful perfection. I'll give it two thumbs up. Excuse my goofiness today. I am loving this course.
  7. The opening of rear window invites us the audience into this world. It feels as if it is our vantage point. But of course once we zoom in on Jeff we realize this is his world. We have simply been introduced to his Day in and day out point of view that he is been stuck with for some time. We immediately know Jeff has a broken leg. He is a photographer. He is adventurous and a risk taker. From this opening we are clearly the boy year. I am totally nosy. I want to know what's going on. It is a brilliant opening. Hitchcock brings us into this world brilliantly and vibrantly. Hitchcock is absolutely correct this is cinematic genius .
  8. This Hitchcock film starts with these two strangers exiting their individual taxis. They are strangers to each other and they are strangers to us. We do not see their face but there are shoes express their characters. One with the fancy show off shoes and the other is more sporty. As we see the train tracks. There are so many tracks crisscrossing each other we are not sure where this journey will take us. And then we cut to these men their shoes and the crossing of the legs and the bumping into each other physically. The score beautifully takes us on the introduction of these characters. As we see the fancy shoes exit 1 taxi the music is a little more,well...fancy. Although the score continues any sort of jaunty creation of this journey of two people meeting, it changes as we see the next pair of shoes come out any more sporty style of music. We are in for a ride. And so are our strangers.
  9. Hitchcock is brilliant it is directing lighting and framing of these characters to show the initial vulnerability in Bergman and the superiority in Cary Grant. Besides the details in the camera shots, the details of course in her clothes her hair her this shoveled look after a night of drinking. And I am always Florida and moved by these two great actors. Ingrid Bergman in particular. I don't know if these two great actors conform to the scene in the movie. I just know they stand out. With acting and great looks… That they won't hurt. They bring this great story to life. And they are great together. Chemistry.
  10. I would've never guessed this is a Hitchcock film. Mostly because it is a comedy. The music score emphasized the comedy. The music created that feel. As far as Hitchcock touch?, Just an interesting atmosphere the design and details would be Hitchcock -y. Heck, there was a mystery to the opening so I guess that's a bit of Hitchcock. I didn't know what was going on. The little bit we actually saw Montgomery and Lombard together they seemed like a very sweet couple. Nice chemistry.
  11. Shadow of a doubt does begin much like "the killers". Joseph Cotton laying on his bed A seemingly defeated man. Burt Landcaster was absolutely resigned to his fate in "the killers." But here in this opening scene Joseph Cotton slowly defies his inevitable defeat . He goes from resignation to conceit, arrogance and head on determination to face his challenges and challengers. The score takes us on this man's emotional journey. Well, at first we see the opening sunlight kids playing and then the darker mood of the man in bed. The score the music is amazing in taking us through his emotional change in the scene all peeking to his resolute determination as he challenges his fear also known as the man waiting for him outside. But you know what I'm saying ✌️
  12. We can gush about this book and this movie. This was my favorite book as a teenager. And Alfred Hitchcock of course did an extraordinary job bringing all characters to life. In this first scene unlike his other movies it was about one character at first : The house; Manderley. Hitchcock's other opening scenes from the daily doses create either a very down-to-earth normal atmosphere of people in every day various experiences or a very dynamic scary opening . In Rebecca it is all about the mood and the mystery of Manderley. Of course the voiceover sets up the human quality, life that was lived turmoil that was experienced in this very alive house. The camera shot of the single POV walking us through and into the gate way up to the house and the cloudy moodiness… LOL of course again I have no idea where I'm taking the sentence. Anyway, it's very Hitchcock-y . Moody dark and brilliant. When it cuts to the ocean churning on the rocks. It's very vibrant and alive and beautiful but also very treacherous. And as we pan up to the man we see " oh this ain't good." And then sweet simplistic innocence saves him. That cranky man. And the human every day element Joan Fontaine brings us back to their reality.
  13. Hey folks you know how I said I love the lady vanishes? On my quiz against Dr. Richard Edwards I got the question wrong. ACCIDENTALLY I pushed the wrong answer. Also, I took the quiz and one of the questions was about the lady vanishes… You guessed it… I got it wrong. I need to take these quizzes during the day. Good night. But I am loving this course!
  14. WELL WELL WELL… Now we're talking. I love the lady vanishes so much I will do many caps… I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. I love the way Dr. Richards and Dr. Gehring discuss this movie. The most perfect word for this movie is DELIGHTFUL. I would say it's an unusual Hitchcock movie except for the opening. It starts with sweet whimsical music as we see the lady who will vanish. And as she walks out the door indeed she does vanish. But that's not what we are concentrating on. And then the scene turns into chaos as these people are unable to grab the next train. I have proven my Point that I can't put into words how special I find this movie. . Anyway, as we see the star enter the door she is a stand out in her beauty her dark hair the way she has her coat hanging off one shoulder. And the movement of the ladies if they go up the stairs and of course back-and-forth to the other characters it's just a frantic fun feel. And you're pretty much there the whole time. You will love this movie. Again PS what the hell my talking about.? Oh and the two men the two C characters are so much fun to Focus on. their banter and when I first saw this movie I thought they were the main characters but it was strange. Strange fun chaotic comedic brilliant… I love this movie.
  15. The opening of this film has a more down to earth feel. Allowing for the every day people to speak out to Mr. memory. The main character does stand out because he's very handsome, but also very down to earth. I find the opening to be typical of Hitchcock. We almost go along with every day life and then of course the "something" happens. And of course a lot of times Hitchcock opens his films with the scare and the shock right away. For example: The lodger. The 39 steps has a very engaging opening. Every day people enjoying perhaps an unusual form of entertainment: Mr. memory. But again, just has a very common feel. You get to know the common people in there every day life. Awaiting the once again "something". PS what the hell my talking about?
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