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  1. The opening of frenzy had a subtle feel. A patriotic proud display of London. And then the people surrounding the politician. Casual every day people listening to their politicians promises to make their environment cleaner and… Oh look a lady's floating in the Thames. Even that was Low key. The lodger … That was FRENZY! A woman screaming and frantic people everywhere. Hitchcock either opens with a very subtle every day people about their business or people enjoying their entertainment like in "the 39 steps". Or the hustle and bustle in "the lady vanishes". And then he has other open
  2. In this opening scene we see The back of a dark-haired presumably beautiful woman. Her interactions with her luggage and wardrobe shows us that she is up to something . She disposes of broccoli old bras panties suits and carefully takes out her new wardrobe and gingerly puts it in the new luggage piece. And then the washing of the hair. You see the dye going down the drain in the sink ( very psycho ) and then out emerges a beautiful blonde Marnie. We of course clearly see through her actions that she seems a bit devious and secretive. I love the added scene with the key down there great. Al
  3. Actually despite the flirty nature between the two characters, I still find this opening scene ominous. The only thing that is light and cute is the little boy first whistling at Melanie. As Melanie enters the pet store and walked up the steps, the birds sound very agitated by her presence. I think I am overcome by the singing birds. That is to say that is why I never felt the feeling of a romantic comedy unfolding. Of course the movie is called "the birds". So I may have already made up my mind. But I do remember the first time I saw this movie. I felt an ominous presence from the birds. B
  4. Bass and Herrmann's opening credits alone is an exciting experience. What a movie event! It certainly sets up that we are in for a ride. It's dizzying and mysterious but we are in for an exhilarating ride. Superb. Because of the jarring opening credits once we get to the location and time that Hitchcock establishes it settles down but it still makes us feel uneasy. I'm not kidding you I got goosebumps watching this opening. I can I wait to watch this movie again. But enough about me… :-) when the camera zooms in on the half shut window it has the same feel as a Rear Window . Another p
  5. It is a nice face… Cary Grant. It has a voyeuristic feel to it watching these two flirt with each other. An added fascination that they are famous stars. It's a very fun, playful and sexy scene. There is indeed minimal action in this scene. Two stand outs: I like when the waiter serves Cary Grant's food… Perfect timing after her "I never make love on an empty stomach" line. Cary says "but you have eaten",Eve says:but you have not. And that is the exact time the waiter puts down Cary Grant's food. And yes Cary Grant fumbling with the matchbook is very sweet and shows he is nervous and a
  6. This eye-popping (duh-huh. Puns are fun ) opening is exquisitely and powerfully scored. I find the music draws me in more than the imagery itself. What's the question? I remember. The feeling the score and the imagery produces is one of indeed been hypnotized. The opening shot of the woman and of course close into her eyes is mesmerizing. Clearly this is an obsession , but first I don't know if the obsession is from the woman or on the woman. Because I'm an idiot. OK OK so! I found it interesting when we first get the close-up on The woman's Eye her eyeball shows shock. So therefore
  7. I have enjoyed every breakdown of these gags. Thank you for taking us on this journey. It's very interesting to get the breakdown. And it's funny to also observe how these comics from the 1920s to the 1980s, have to do serious work to make it his sterically funny. Thank you both for your great insights and observations.
  8. I would say Will Ferrell closely follows the ZAZ doctrine of "pile on" humor. Make it ridiculous. Make it relentless. Up the ante. You also can see Mel Brooks influence. Zany and silly. Great characters. And even Woody Allen's earlier films. Perhaps not as conceptual. Again I think it's more like the airplane type of movie. As we see these news man prepare for their fight. The weapons become more and more of absurd. Scariest of all, dimwitted Steve Carell with a grenade! The cameos push it right over the top with excitement. Delighted with the first second and then third Ben Stiller lat
  9. ZAZ approach to parity films? One word: RELENTLESS. Doesn't feel like two seconds go by before there's another funny. Absolutely hysterical. I think in that scene they goofed on Dragnet, 007, maybe even Get Smart although Get Smart is a goof and spoof. Pretty good when you do a spoof on a spoof. I have to think what this is a spoof of, but when George Kennedy gets shot in the neck with the temporary dart contraption., I love when George Kennedy called out "why?!" It's just so funny . It's a spoof of a profound dramatic movie as the poor character is slowly dying they yell out dramaticall
  10. Young Frankenstein is a perfect parody and homage to the old horror films in the 30s. Clearly the director of photography, set designers And great Mel Brooks director did an extraordinary job to depict the feel of these old horror films. Of course filming it in black-and-white was key. Having the young Frankenstein go back to his grandfather's castle was a perfect set up for this movie. Beautifully written. I don't know if Mel Brooks and gene wilder had many fights or arguments during this movie. But you certainly see both flavors in this scene today. The brilliant acting of gene wild
  11. Now we are in my wheelhouse of comedy favorites. When I was a teenager I used to read all of Woody Allen's books. Without feathers, getting even, side effects etc. Although I prefer the movie " take the money and run". Bananas is awesome. This specific scene is definitely high concept. Of course it is visually very funny when the chef cook brings out their order. But the dead pan expression of the worker at the small sandwich shop is classic. He is doing his job. No questions asked when asked for 700 tuna sandwiches… Absolutely hysterical. You could watch the scene with the volume down
  12. The bright colors and the bright personality of the villains and the dazzling smile of the hero gives an exaggerated depiction thus ( yes for some reason I use the word "thus") creating a cartoonish feeling. What an absolute delight that such precise and expert effort and respect is given to the old vaudeville, and slapstick gags to bring such a bright vibrant movie for our viewing pleasure… What is wrong with me today? Our hero doesn't even say a word. With the girls swooning at him and his bright gleaming smile, he is the true hero. And of course the brilliant Jack Lemmon creates
  13. It is awesome to listen to Wes Gehring's scholarly look at these slapstick films. What an honor.
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