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  1. I love the crazy dangerous stunts that both Chaplin and Keaton do. Guess there was no such thing as workman's comp. ..lol Can't wait to see what they ahow for Lloyd. He is my all time favorite. I don't think any of today's comedic actors would ever even come close to attempting any of these stunts. They would for sure ask for stunt doubles or if it can be done with cgi.
  2. I don't necessarily agree or disagree, I don't really think anything is missing in today's comedies as far as the aspect of visual comedy. I just think it is a little less pronounced than in silent films.In the silent films vs talkies you had to over exaggerate due to the fact that you could not verbalize your joke or gag.
  3. Never really thought much about the intricate workings of a slapstick comedy routine. Just find them amusing. This course is giving me a whole new perspective on how much work really has to go into something that looks so effortless.
  4. I am not sure if I am on the right track here but I believe that slapstick comedy does not necessarily have to be violent. I think that the shows and movies about Mr. Bean are a form of slapstick comedy that does not necessarily involve violence. Lack of common sense yes, violence not so much.
  5. Part 2 just showed up. Hope I am doing this class right. First time and not sure how to check progress or if there is anything to even check yet. Any information would be great, thanks everyone.
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