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  1. 1) Different styles - I would say that Ferrell differs most from Woody Allen. I see bits of influence of the others in this clip. Allen is much more subdued and doesn't have the exaggerated violence that this clip has. Allen's violence is comical without the fake gore. The violence reminded me a bit of Monty Python. 2) What do cameos add - For me, it's the fun of seeing surprise familiar faces, which adds to the comedy. Known comedic quantities add to the fun, rather than unknowns. 3) Who most influenced Ferrell - I would think ZAZ did, due to the outrageous fight scene, the news man o
  2. 1) Wow! Where to start? They mix TV police drama with James Bond secret weapons. I think ZAZ watched Olsen & Johnson and copies them - anything for a laugh! There is more than a joke a mionute and they keep coming. The understated ones get to me the most - Frank walking around the wall or having a supersized lab assistant that is so tall you can't see his head! (First used, I believe, in a Joe McDoaks short. Watch these for some great & overlooked slapstick!) Naked Gun is a very funny film that doesn't let up in the gags. 2) I think the approach is different. Although both Igor an
  3. 1) It operates as parody, but I don't see the slapstick element in this. It is not violent and the exaggeration is downplayed in a quiet, almost serious way. And the food ordered would be from a Jewish delicatessen, not from a restaurant in a South American jungle. Does this make it funny? Yes. Does this make it slapstick? Not in my mind. The deli owner's seriousness in taking the order made me smile and I laughed when the coleslaw is taken out in wheelbarrows. (I thought that joke could have been improved on by the deli owner counting the wheelbarrows as they go by and then, just as he is
  4. 1) For me, it has a "cartoonish" feel due to the bright colors, the camouflage of the arrow launcher moving completely unnoticed on the hill, the gleaming teeth (which Benny Hill borrowed on many occasions. I hope we include him in the discussion at some point), the pure white outfit Curtis wears, the moustache on Lemmon (bad guys ALWAYS have a moustache) and the "topper' - the giant arrow launched at the balloon. A gun would have been more realistic, but the arrow gives it the slapstick/cartoon finish. In a cartoon, the villain might have accidently gotten his foot tangled in the rope tha
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