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  1. Ritualistic will need to be explained to me further, because I don't appreciate it as much as the other definitions. I'm wondering if I feel like the audience gets to see the gag coming up and thus feels like an insider and part of that gang. And pulls for the protagonist as part of his or group, tribe or party. And that makes us feel like the violence is funny and that is it is good for it to be big and exaggerated. And humiliating the bad guy makes us feel good. That seems to be essential to me. I'm not sure what that definition would be, but the repetition of a gag, fits into that, us
  2. This reminds me of what Charlie Chaplin said in his biography, give me a park bench and I can give you a film.
  3. I found the moment of suspense the most intriguing. That anticipation of the climax the most thrilling. The act itself was comical, yes, but the moment before seemed to hold the most emotion. Then the release was in the laughter at his plight. And the longer that moment is held, the bigger the realise. It seems simple in retrospect.
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