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  1. The title design/music of this film reminds me of all the psychological thrillers ever directed and produced rolled into one. The score is just brilliant and developes this very primitive black and white design to epic proportions. Simply chilling....untouchable. This is Psycho....depicting the dissociative identity disorder of Norman by fragmenting the titles and completely splitting the design vertical and horizontal. The opening scene is precise with time and place and suggests the need to know for the audience to create a timeline of events to take place. It immediately captivates the
  2. All I can really add is how my mother and her generation could not wait for Saturday Matinee's. She was 15 during this release and being part of the film audience was Americas favorite pastime along with baseball. This is how I came to love TCM. The Stars of Hollywood were the most talked about subject and she could not wait to see the worlds favorite movie stars paired together on the big screen. This was a big one!!!! It was like Beatlemania. Eyes glued to the screen to feel the chemistry and daydream until Hollywood produced the next dreamy couple. The simplicity of the scene is mesmer
  3. Cats out of the bag. I've never viewed this film. I will reflect with knowledge of films thus far and fresh eyes. The music and images are chilling, worrisome, anxious, is someone watching me, hands over my eyes and peek atmosphere. It's like haunted houses, I dislike them but the thrill finds me there occasionally. This intro says Beware Thriller Ahead!!! Someone is watching and they are crawling into your thoughts. I hope I make it through the film. And I'll have to watch it no lights... The scenes in lecture have toned it down but the opening credits are really powerful and eerie.
  4. The Frisco Kid How could I have missed watching this film in one sitting all these years? So entertaining a Rabbi's helplessness and misfortune in the Wild West. The gentle classic gags is easily matched to the early slapstick I love so much. It flows so smoothly Wilder and Ford, I prefer Ford to Pryor and would have liked to seen this pair as a double act. The film feels fresh In the sense Wilders character is so out of his element with energy, excitement during his adventures. His character Avram was well thought out and perfect for Wilder. No one could have done a better job. It shows his
  5. I really loved Sidewalk Stories was our last film. We started with silent and ended with silent (mostly). I enjoy the earlier films best and closing the loop with a b/w really impressed me. There was not a better way to end this course than showing the film which is a homage to Chaplin's The Kid. Kudos to you Dr Edwards you hit a slapstick homerun with this girl...
  6. I am sad our class has come to an end. I find myself procrastinating and browsing all our discussion and saving a couple films on DVR for the next couple weeks and rewatching some during this spooky/spoofing holiday season. I am so thankful for this opportunity to be part of this brilliantly prepared course by the wonderful Dr. Edwards and the key speakers Greg Proops, Vince Cellini, Dr. Wes Gehring, and slapstick peeps on discussion boards. The film lineups were spot on and provided a remarkable journey through the coming of age of slapstick. All I can think is WoW I have been blessed. T
  7. Loved all Breakdown of a Gag. Spoofs are so entertaining. These movies take the seriousness of the world and transform them into a delightful viewing experience. I look forward to watching more of this genre of film. This class has shown me a new respect for these films and I appreciate it now. I kind of thought it was all just silly but as I've grown from the silent era to today's slapstick it is truly an art.
  8. This film is perfect in every way....saying anything else I really tear up...
  9. With only seeing the clip, I find it difficult and grasping at straws this is slapstick. When is something just comedy. After reading the discussion I was able to wager in the 5 elements some but I just did not find anything after drawing the straws actually "OUCH" slapstick funny; outrageous, yes. Looking forward to my new learning curve and watching the film tonight. Woody Allen is an odd duck I do not know much about. The casualty of the scene just didn't really hit the good ol' funny bone. Also, hoping to see the comparison of Allen to Sennett a bit more clear as Mast describes during
  10. Professor Gehring, You are the cornucopia of data for all of comedy! Thank you so much, hope to see you at 2017 TCM Film Festival. I was introduced to how silents became talkies and vaudevillians at last years festival. I was so impressed, I decided then to learn more about my favorite gang of childhood comic heroes. Your input has definitely tied lots of loose ends together for me already. Very grateful for you and all you have done in this field of study.
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