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  1. Fields is good at playing smarter than he really is, the big faker! :)Chase is the master of exasperation. Marx brothers are master of lunacy! I love his battle of wills with children!
  2. I thought the definition was good.I loved the misenterpretation of the words.It was repetative make-believe with ritulistic thrown in.
  3. I always liked Charley Chase he is a master of exasperation. The slapstick was repetative and had elements of make-believe. The description confirms.Yes the sycronization and music is good.
  4. I think Jackie Chan is one funny guy with his Slapstick influences. I love his work!
  5. Yes through the Essenay film company Charlie Chaplin filmed four films at the Niles studio. Broncho Billy films were filmed there and lots of comedys were filmed there. You should go visit the Niles Silent Film Museum they have weekend showings of silent and sound pictures with a Chaplin & Broncho Billy festivals yearly!
  6. Keaton is a risk taker.Yes he has hurt himself doing these stunts.He reminds me of our modern day counterpart Jackie Chan. Jackie is a risk taker too and has about broken every bone in his body doing stunts/martial arts! Ah the price of ones art!
  7. I like how Harold does his different gags with objects, animals, people. Yes he is freer, Harold is the common man, the every man making his way in the world as best he can.He is a go-getter & tries his best to succeed!
  8. Keaton's house is a character in the film. I like his ingenius gags with the house. I think that Keaton is a master of physical comedy and I love him fighting against objects/machines etc. Chaplin's gags are well thought out and he has great timing and his genius sight gags of substituting one thing for another. Chaplin & Keaton fight against the world & against man.They each have their unique gifts.
  9. I agree with Youngson. Yes visual comedy has evolved but my heart will always pay homage to the silents greats! The documentaries are a great introduction to slapstick and the silent era!
  10. I enjoyed the films. I liked Harold's gags with the phone and the film technique of showing five people talking at once, I liked the gag with the dog and the fun-house mirriors. I liked physical comedy of Keaton/Arbuckle and seeing Keaton laugh.
  11. I agree with Youngson. I think props & acting played a part in this gag. The gags were great in the silent era more so than now in our era. Charlie & Syd did a excellent job in the execution of this gag!
  12. Chaplin is a master of setting up a gag.His gags were really thought out.
  13. Hi! Unfortunatly I was unable to watch video only the sound came on! Some sort of technical difficulty?
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