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  1. Does anyone know what the assertion URL for Badgr is?
  2. The Lloyd film definitely shows a progression in the gag. The Arbuckle gag is pretty funny, but I find the payoff a little lacking. By bringing in extra gags based on the environment, Lloyd is able to build his level of humor.
  3. This link to a discussion might help a bit with your conundrum: http://nofilmschool.com/boards/questions/removing-camera-mirror-scene
  4. Jackie Chan is amazing! He stopped doing his own stunts just a few years ago, when he was in his fifties! He almost died in one of his first roles. That is dedication, and it shows.
  5. I find it fascinating to think that advances in technology can actually create a worse product. I agree with the idea of cutting shots with reactions can actually take away from the simple humor of a film. I have made such arguments before for other genres. I am sure that many have heard that hardships create a need for creativity. Many people say that the Star Wars Original Trilogy is better than the Prequels because the Prequels used new gimmicks such as CGI and let them take away from the pure story telling. Similarly, I have heard arguments recently that Marvel is doing so well now becaus
  6. I agree with this post. These films were indeed fantastic, but I find it limiting to think of them in terms of nostalgic heraldry. Comedy, like any craft, takes precision and workmanship, and masters learn both from classical and modern works.
  7. I completely agree. This was very early cinema, and you are thinking of complexities they had not even considered until a couple years later. Maybe a modern remake is in order...
  8. I took a French films class in college, and this was one of the first films that we watched, right after the one about the train. According to my professor, this may well be both the first comedy and the first movie with a plot. It may also be the first staged film, as it was almost certainly not candid. This is certainly a landmark film.
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