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  1. 1) The documentary title, "The Golden Age of Comedy" is primarily a marketing tool to get folks to watch film someone already had in the can. So, the documentary's claim that 1912 to the 1930s was the Golden age, and so implying that the best is past, is bogus. We need to keep in mind that the silent era was making great movies and that they humor was mostly visual because that was all the studios had to work with -- silence. But even that claim is not entirely true. Very quickly most movie makers included live music and even sound effects with the "silent" presentations. More importantly th
  2. I enjoyed the "commentators" discussion of Chaplin's skills and the themes he developed in his slapstick - more on that in a minute. First, a little about the format of the discussion. Having more than one commentator is both effective and engaging, but I also immediately thought of sports shows and the parodies of them and so I had to put that aside and focus more on what was being said. I'm not sure what made me think of sports shows because they are not the only ones to use this format. Final thought, the telestrator is helpful. On to Chaplin. It is great to have the commentators and
  3. This first slapstick movie includes an easily identifiable "straight" or innocent protagonist and mischievous antagonist. However, unlike the "struggle" between protagonists and antagonists in other types of stories, the goal in slapstick is to create humor as the two characters interact. It is also interesting that so much slapstick is based on pain (violence) real or implied, but always exxagerated. Why do we laugh at another person's pain? Is it because we've all been there or because we, as members of the audience, are safe, or both?
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