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  1. You have the super serious doctor- he is right about everything. He uses people, like Mr Hilltop in the clip- to show how smart he is. The old mad scientists in the old horror movies were also too smart for everyone else- until its too late. I love this clip, especially as he explains why his grandfather's work was **** and stabs himself in the leg. There is also the expressions on the face of Mr Hilltop as he is used as a test subject. In black and white you keep the subtlety of the gags without it being in your face.
  2. They really cram a lot of stuff into that scene. They play with tv cops, James Bond, and even the gag where he walks around the set wall instead of through the door. Nothing is subtle in this movie. In Young Frankenstein, there are more subtle references and gags that you may even catch the first time around. He is similar to Clouseau, but I think so much more serious that he has no idea strange things are happening.
  3. The cartoonish part is the bad guys in a car disguised as a bush and then the giant crossbow. The homage to earlier slapstick comedies includes the exaggerated reactions from the crowd,the set up with the crossbow, we know whats going to happen, but watch it anyway and laugh. Of course, we know the good guy in white and the bad guys in black.
  4. I am a fan of Pink Panther movies (Peter Sellers only), so I have watched this movie many times, even so it is always funny. You know all the cue sticks are going to fall over, you wait for it and laugh anyway. I do also enjoy his verbal slapstick- you just try saying " a rit of fealous jage". I think that what makes Clouseau a good slapstick character is that he is- like Keaton and Lloyd- an ordinary guy, an everyday man. This also makes for a good slapstick policeman- he is the same as other people, but he still saves the day.
  5. I would not have considered this slapstick- it did not follow all the rules of slapstick- except for the ritualistic part of it.
  6. One funny thing about taking place in Coney Island is that those were the amusements they had there, people watching now may not realize that, does that make it less realistic? I also watched the clip on the subway, as a New Yorker, that was a very familiar scene. That is what makes Harold Lloyd more real than others because he was in some real situations.
  7. I think that it is fair to call this the Golden Age of Comedy. Without dialogue to move the action along, the gags had to be exaggerated. That is not to say that we don't have visual comedy now, its just not the only means of comedy. There are some gags that will always be funny. Watching clips of movies like this show the funniest parts of the films, but it does make people interested in the movies and they may look for other clips or the full movies. Its important that we see things from a time when technology was different from what we have now. Now some stunts like this would not even be
  8. Its great that you could enjoy these silent movies- slapstick has no language barriers.
  9. The interesting thing is that I could describe the first few seconds to my sister and she could tell what was coming next. These gags are things that everyone has experience with, something everyone shares.
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