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  1. I have fond memories of this film. It is a favorite of my family. When you first see it, the color is stunning. Of course, it is best to show off color with a lot of scenes of mountains, lakes, forests... outdoor scenes. And the color adds to the visual clarity to all the slapstick gags. As for Lucille Ball in this film, she is classic "Lucy" with all the physical gags, but seeing her do it outside her NY apartment in color, must have been fun to see when it first came out during the height of "I Love Lucy's" popularity.
  2. The Marx Brothers are my favorite comedians. I have seen all their films many times over. I do like verbal slapstick more than physical, because it make you think. You need to know a thing or two about grammer, puns, innuendo. The Marx Brothers were the best at it. I wish TCM showed "Animal Crackers", for this course, it has the best examples of verbal slapstick.
  3. It took me quite awhile to admire Harold Lloyd. I thought Keaton and Chaplin were the best at classic slapstick. But after watching almost all of his films I appreciate his "every man" persona. I could easily see my self in any one of his slapstick gags. Just walking down the street or being at work, some of his gags could happen to me. He just wants to be a normal guy having a normal day out. And that's what makes him more real or on our level than Chaplin and Keaton. A house fall on me? ( Keaton) Don't think so. Cooking and eating an old shoe for dinner? (Chaplin) No way. Trying to p
  4. In comparing Chaplin and Keaton, Chaplin had more subtlety in his comedy routines. With Keaton it seems the bigger the better. Chaplin was trying to be more intimate with his viewers. Keaton I think wanted the wow factor. Both are ways are very creative. Especially with Keaton, he suffered for his craft; with all the bumps and bruises and even broken bones he endured to become a great artist. I love both their brands of comedy.
  5. First of all, I am enjoying this course. About Chaplin, it was true he was a perfectionest, often reshooting a scene over and over for hours. I think this helped him learn more about what he wanted the end result of the comedy gag to be. How it looked on screen. Remember all this was new film making and early film makers were really experimenting in every kind of actual movement on film they could. Only when it was released to the public did they know what was sucessful.
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