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  1. Chaplin had a unique style that took some time to develop however when it arose they became entranced by it. He, like many other comedians, used simple gags and made them their own. i believe that he was able to manipulate the resources he had at his disposal to created what he did. By beginning with a simple gag, he engaged the audiences and then once this attention was drawn, he then built upon it and created the stories which we love. Stoping to think about it, you can see that there is soo much more than to just a simple gag. This takes some time and dedication which he took. We may remember him due to his charlie step and his gags but, to this day we steel feel this impact that he has created, this lasting legacy that is till found today.
  2. The film " L'ARROSEUR ARROSE "(1896) is a beautiful piece of evidence how the filming industry began to change and progress into bringing story telling to a whole new level. First of all we have a protagonist and a character which provides a certain depth. The boy, brings comedy to this film in a simple manner. Now a days, jokes are very complex however it can be seen that with one simple joke, a lot can be done. The exaggeration of movements also allows for us as the viewer to get emotionally invested with the characters. We can feel the mischief of the boy but at the same time we are worried with what is to happen to the man. Thus, when the prank is pulled off, one laughs and feels bad for the man but also fears what is to happen to the boy. In 44 seconds, we are given characters, a plot, and the problem. These are all essential to a film and this is exacted with style. I may not know much about film but I can say that with short films like these, directors were progressing leading to the type of films that we had today. This is why I appreciate silent film and all of what it brought.
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