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  1. In this opening scene, Hitchcock is still focusing the audience's attention on public, recognizable places and landmarks. He chooses to reveal the first murdered victim not in some dark back alleyway, but in one of the most visible places in London, the river Thames (over which the audience has just flown in opening title sequence). Of course, I love the irony of the politician's speech of promises to clean up the city and the river, only to have a (naked) dead body discovered just meters away. Thematically, this film is not a departure from his other films dealing with murder. Visuall
  2. I think the sound score was most striking, especially after a lack of music was pointed out. I've seen this film numerous times, and I guess I never caught on to it. During the playful romantic banter between Hedren and Taylor, chirping birds are heard throughout. This is interesting to me, as you can still make out the dialogue between the two main characters, but the bird sounds are quite noticeable. But these birds are chirping almost playfully, happily, reinforcing the romance budding between Hedren and Taylor. This is different than the squawking heard from the massive flock of birds
  3. "Don't be so modest" is my favorite line from this clip, spoken by Eve after she reveals to Roger she knows his true identity (and that he's wanted for murder). What fascinating to me about this scene is how captivating the actors are; two people on a train with little action - but a lot is going on. Eve is presented as a confident character (chin up, staring Roger in the eyes), while Roger is at first presented as a hidden figure, eyes masked behind his sunglasses. As the shots volley back and forth between them as their dialogue continues, the framing becomes tighter and tighter. The cha
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