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  1. I watched the clip the first time and I picked up a few of the things the questions posed. I then went to the message board and started reading the posts. One went into great detail, answering each question in order, giving insights that I was not aware of. So I went back and re-watched the clip, paying attention the costumes, the extras, the easily overlooked sexual innuendo to fool the censors. 1. It definitely exhibits a life that was not reality. Everyones clothes were immaculate, even the extras. The nonchalant way in which Ziegfeld addresses the handing off the money (more than his
  2. Will Mad About Musicals be accompanied by a Canvas course? I have taken the last three and really enjoyed them. Usually I am informed via e-mail about any new courses, but I might have missed it.
  3. This is the third TCM class that I have taken, and I have never participated in the online discussions. I find it difficult to express any new thoughts that haven't already been posted. With so many voices speaking about the same questions posed, I feel like I am just a parrot. That said, I haven't seen a Hitchcock film in years, so trying to say that this shot or that theme is one that he will develop over the years is what I expect to learn in this course. As for the limitations due to a lack of dialogue, to start with, I had to watch the scene twice just to realize that we weren't watchin
  4. I too was fascinated by the way the subject was broken down like a sports show. This is a very modern way to teach the subject, having one personify the audience and the other the instructor answering on a one-to-one basis. I quite liked it. I know that I shouldn't be talking about how the information was disseminated, but it really was used quite effectively as a teaching method. I have been watching Slapstick since I was a wee lad in the early 60's and have never examined them for what made them funny. The scene with the banana was masterful. It wasn't the slipping that I noticed, it was
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