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  1. I vote for theatrical cartoons including (especially?) the shorts that preceded features. And, in the meantime, loved the noir & slapstick classes! ????????
  2. Agree w/ others, enjoyed the insights of orig poster (including the disagreement about exasperation). Thanks all for commenting...
  3. For a long time, I've realized how much social, cultural, political & material history I've learned from novels & film. Today's clip is an example of how while enjoying the film for its entertainment value one can also realize an era so unlike our own: clothes, attitudes, ways of moving, types of entertainment, what constitutes adult amusement & so much more. I often suggest that folks watch around the "edges" of a film along w/ the narrative, cinematography, direction, etc. there one might catch glimpses of what would now be historical evidence (I.e., not only the film studies a
  4. The Dog's Life daily Tuesday) doozy seems to contain elements of the mirror gag, I.e., a have vs a have-not, similarly dressed, but the have, plumper & in possession of the capital (food & its means of production---if in a small way ). But there's a see saw effect, the have-not, lacking resources relies on his wits. The police seems to be the protector of property, and the subversive element: the property owner is wacked by the representative of law & order. (hahaha). As a dog lover, I appreciated that the canine pal introduced the tramp to the proper approach in the first place.
  5. I've noticed some similarities between film noir & slapstick that previously I'd never seen. Primarily they involve subversion: class, age, social norms, morality, violence, exaggeration,& others. I'd love to learn how others may think about this, to me, previously non-considered similarities.
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