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  1. The MAN WHO NEVER WAS with Clifton Webb .
  2. Mongo, I wll be in the process of moving to a new house today. I'll resume posting in about two weeks . Ken.
  3. Mongo, Sorry for the delay. I m having a hard time getting over the bug. And this crazy weather isn't helping either ! If all goes well ,i'll try to post it tomorrow. Have a great week. Ken.
  4. This is probably not the film ,but THE USUAL SUSPECTS mentions a "potassium cocktail". Ken.
  5. OOPS ! SORRY ABOUT THE MISTAKE ! Congrats ooblekboy. You are correct. Your turn.
  6. Wow! I was starting to think no one would get it ! This one starred John Loder as the the actor who started to relive his role in real life. Congrats Mongo ! Your turn !
  7. No... Clue #4...The actor goes to Brighton, England.
  8. No and No. Clue #3.........The theater is bombed and the lead actor struck on the head.
  9. Fine film,wrong answer. Clue # 2 .... A stage play[ title of play is also name of movie].
  10. Thanks Matt and may I add that its one H--- of a movie. Clue # 1........London during WW 2.
  11. Adventures of Frank and Jesse James......Chapter 4..Blades of Death Frank fights with Rafe in the old mine tunnel . A shot is fired puncturing an oil drum. The oil leaves a trail leading to powder kegs. Frank is knocked unconcious and falls besides the kegs. Rafe ignites the oil and leaves the tunnel. Frank awakens and finds shelter as Jesse arrives and escapes the blast. Judy gets the ore samples from Ramsey,intending to deliver them to the assayer. Jesse and Frank decide to deliver them personally. Ramsey informs Rafe who takes his gang and intercepts Jesse and Frank. The James boys esca
  12. Replying to reports that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are going to remake BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID,,a quote from Robert Redford.."Why do they have to mess with things that were perfect the first time around ?".........Courier Journal [Louisville]. My sentiments also[iMHO].
  13. This is a shot in the dark. I know that they both played Nazi officers. Ken.
  14. Sorry for the delay fans ! On with the serial. The Adventures of Frank and Jesse James..... Chapter 3.... The Hidden Tunnel. The prisoner Steele has escaped and Jesse on horseback is in hot pursuit. Jesse dismounts,runs to an overhang,and leaps on Steele as he rides by. Hitting the ground,both are stunned as the posse approaches. Jesse recovers and rolls out of the way,but Steele is trampled by the horses and dies without telling the ring leaders identity. In town Jesse and Frank await the stage carrying Judy and the money. Rafe and his gang intercept the stage and shoot the driver. Jess
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