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  1. Mongo, thank you for remembering our birthdays. I was with out the internet for almost eight months but tried to keep up somewhat at work, so I still read the posts from time to time. So just in case Mary Lou looks in I'd like to say happy birthday to her and I hope she's well. Pete
  2. feaito, in case you were still wondering, I finally watched "The Awful Truth" last night. Now I hadn't seen the other Columbia version but this one was pretty good I thought. The picture and sound quality were both really nice, much better than a version I saw in a theater about a year ago anyways. Hope that helps. pete
  3. Here's the link if it works http://www.thedigitalbits.com/articles/barriemaxwell/maxwell021506.html
  4. I just bought the set on Sunday but have so far only watched "Holiday" and "His Girl Friday" and they both look really good. I had the DVD version of "His Girl Friday" that Alpha Video had put out but that version was just terrible. I'll let you know once I've seen the others. If you go to the web site thedigitalbits, in the Barrie Maxwell classics section he reviews the set and does mention that "The Awful Truth " looks a little better.
  5. This could be "The Wake of the Red Witch" with John Wayne, he does fight a large octopus in the movie. Either way the movie is worth a look.
  6. You can find the blooper reel with porky on the special edition disc of "The Adventures of Robin Hood".
  7. I went looking through the IMDB and found this movie which sounds like it might be close. The name is The Legend of the Phantom Rider. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0210223/
  8. Sugarjam, I'm not sure where I saw this or read it but I'm pretty sure your dad is right. I remember from somewhere that the Duke didn't like the way he walked and someone told him to point his toes when he walked. I can't remember if it was Yakima Canutt or not.
  9. Has anyone heard of when "Fort Apache" might be on DVD or why it hasn't been released yet?
  10. the website thedigitalbits is pretty good for finding release dates. They update their classics section about once a month or so.
  11. I haven't seen it in a while but I think a similar scene occurs in "The Fighting Kentuckian" only its in a mansion at a party and not at a saloon. Check that one out and it might be it.
  12. Was this movie in color? This sort of sounds like a movie made about ten years ago or so with Richard Gere and Jodie Foster called "Sommersby".
  13. That sounds close to "Gaslight" but I don't remember a child or daisies.
  14. One movie is "Big Jake" and I thought the other might be "Hondo" but the dog may have had a name in that one.
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