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  1. Hey, everyone? Who's on Letterboxd? I'd love to connect with more people on it. If you are, feel free to send me a friend request, and post here a link to your profile. Let's get some reviews up for these classic slapstick films! http://letterboxd.com/tikiwho
  2. I'm watching through the TCM.com app, and when the schedule said they were showing A Flirt's Mistake, the app gave me a message saying the short wasn't available on this device. Did it air on the actual cable channel, can anyone tell me? I had already watched it on YouTube, but it was very poor quality with no sound, so I was hoping to watch a better copy over the app. Ah, well.
  3. I feel like the Lumieres should be credited with inventing Vines.
  4. There were 14 Danish feature-length films, followed by a few animated films. There are also Norwegian and Swedish remakes of them. Sadly, I can't find subtitled versions of the Danish ones. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olsen_Gang
  5. Thanks, CynthiaV! I haven't seen any Edna May Oliver films that I can think of, but I recently started reading the Hildegarde Withers mysteries, and really want to see her rendition of the character. Not to mention they also star James Gleason, who I also love!
  6. As one of the panelists for Fan Panel #1, I want to thank Dr. Edwards again, and say what a great time I had talking with him and Patte. Patte's segment gave me a great perspective on looking at the circular way that films used slapstick gags to move the narrative forward, so it's not just a sequence of comedy bits. For my segment, I could've gone on and on about ones that we didn't have time to mention, like Ben Turpin, Billy Bevan, Marion Davies, and so many more. The silent film blog I mentioned at the end is http://silentology.wordpress.com. Please check it out.
  7. There's a series of films from Denmark, the Olsen-banden films, about three hapless criminals which are quite popular and very slapsticky. There's a great sequence in one of them, where they break into an theatre during an orchestral performance masking their efforts in time to the music. Exquisite.
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