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  1. 1. What elements (set design, costume, prop, camera placement, acting) make this gag effective as visual comedy? While all these elements come together to make this gag effective, the most integral ones are the props and set design. The misshapen house is a hilarious sight on its own and the ways in which Keaton interacts with the set make it even more hilarious. For example, his attempt to reel in the pulley gets ever more complicated by the house's faultiness, from the lack of a doorstep to the ceiling's impending collapse. The use of props is also incredibly effective, which is readily
  2. 1. Do you agree or disagree with Agee and Youngson's statements that the silent films from 1912 – 1930 constituted "comedy's greatest era" or its "golden age?" Why or why not? I agree, but only to an extent. As other posters have said, film comedy has experienced many "Golden Ages" since the silent era and like so much of film, what films constitutes the "greatest " of a particular genre is incredibly subjective. Also, as Dr. Edwards suggested in his lecture this week, comedy between 1912 and 1930 underwent significant changes and thus viewing silent comedy as a kind of staid, monolithic e
  3. Hi everybody! I'm brand new to taking online courses like this but I'm excited to start this course. I'm a big fan of classic comedy; Buster Keaton & The Marx Brothers are my particular favorites. I'm looking forward to learning about slapstick comedy in an academic setting and discussing it with you guys!
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