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  1. my answers are as follows, 1. groucho and chico verses Abbott and Costello are are different in the speed of their deliveries. Groucho and the team have a fast pace to the verbal confrontations between others and even themselves. They do a great amount of a play on words for verbal slapstick and a lot of pantomime and sleigh of hand for the visual slapstick. Abbott and Costello are not as fast with their verbal slapstick, but are just as hilarious. The visual slapstick that they do is also somewhat slower but still keep within the definition of slapstick. For their verbal slapstick look at their routines with numbers, 7 goes into 28 13 times for instance, or Abbott talking to Costello about his new job in a bakery and loafing and dough. Who's on first is the most well know but they have alot more out there. As for visual slapstick check out how Costello interacts with Stinky. all of this on their TV show. Don't forget the Susquehanna Hat Co. routine and the Niagara Falls skit in jail. Abbott used a lot of vaudville routines for their act and they made them work to a T. I can't judge any of the older teams or individuals as I like the interaction of all the predicaments that they were in or got themselves into. Extra, How about Grace and Allen for verbal slapstick?
  2. Watching this clip of film for the first time, I thought was hilarious as I have seen this type of comedic action in other places. What continues to make it funny is that I pretty much know what is going to happen, but I watch it anyway. Sort of like the woman in a dark house at night who hears noises in the basement and instead of turning on all the lights or calling for help, she goes to investigate in a night gown and one candle. anyway funny scene. after I wrote this post I was able to watch the complete version of the film. It was even better. As everything starts he has a misguided understanding of who he is supposed to date, and when she arrives he figures it out and at the dance and action tries to correct the problem with the scented water and shaving amoungst all those people. it seems to me that the slapstick starts very subtly and then increases in intensity. It happens when he hits his date with the lunch basket which wasn't hers and then moves on to the changing of the suit with the lights on and off ending that part with the elastic band and the punch. Then we continue to the gum machine and everyone falling all over the place, when finnally they fall out the window into a pond of white gu. So the slapstick comedy begins with a purr then heightens to a peak and finally ends with the happy ever after smiles.
  3. It seems that once a "gag" always a gag. We see the beginning with chaplin and a banana peel and it hen evolves done through time to other sight gags like the pie in the face. I dont know if this is too early to talk about but there is mention of the Sgt Bilko show, which of course came much later. So if the door is open I would like to present one of my favorite gagsters of physical comedy and language comedy, Soupy Sales. He definately got wacked numerous times with a pie by his un seen compatriots. Thank you and I am already enjoying the course on slapstick comedy. I definitely have others to present which I believe would fit the bill as comical physical gagsters for a later time.
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