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  1. The three Chaplin comedy-bits accentuate the exaggeration, physicality, ritual, make believe and violence of slapstick. Each exhibit athletic style and ballerina-like grace with perfect timing, which certainly must be make believe. The slipping on one's own banana peal and the slippery soap bit have both become American comedy rituals, The addition of social commentary, in this case - contending with authority [third clip] with aggressive physical contact, gives the Chaplin slapstick bits its added [exaggerated] punch.
  2. I concur with the offered definition of slapstick requiring the critical five elements of exaggeration, physicality, ritual, make believe and violence. To be true slapstick, all five conditions need to evident in a blended fashion. That is, the humorous action-bit within the fictional film [make believe] is a combination of exaggerated physical actions, played by the actors with routine precision [ritual], and ends with a "punch" [violence].
  3. As others have noted, slapstick is an acquired taste and an essential form of comedy. To the uninitiated, slapstick in all forms is just stupid. However, to those disciples and true believers who consider slapstick as the ultimate art form of fine comedy, those negative infidels are just all wet,
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