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  1. Lynn, Congratulations. I just took a second look at your schedule. I like you included one of my favorite movies (Torrid Zone) and highlighted one of my favorite performers (Ann Sheridan) and I should be getting one of your movie picks tomorrow from Netflix (Hangover Square). Also, I gave my mom my Tyrone Power dvd box set a couple of months ago. Last Sunday, I wanted to watch Blood and Sand, but I would have had to drive three hours to see the thing. I like Tyrone Power, but not six hours driving. So, I think tcmprogrammer should schedule some of the Fox items you programmed.
  2. The Red House (1947). Spooky Mikl?s R?zsa score...sets the mood of this movie just right. The Killing Fields (1984). Mike Oldfield's score is unusual and remains stuck in my brain. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) Bernard Herrmann's best score. The music Herrmann wrote for "Lucy Muir sees the house for the first time" scene is...ahem, genius. Rusty
  3. Hello, I would really like to see that Asta Nielsen "Hamlet" (1920?). So, I vote for Norma Desmond. Rusty
  4. Hello Matt, Long time no...hmm, like two ships passing in the night. Slow, slow boats. Tramp steamers. Leaky rust bucket...well, you get the idea. Break time's over. I must get back to thinking about who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong. I think its the same guy who put the dip in the dip dee dip dee dip. Later. Rusty
  5. Marlon Brando. When I heard Brando say , "man, you are too square"...I realized I+ was too square. That movie moment changed my life. Brando is good+. Rusty
  6. Kyle and Lynn, Thank you for the welcome. I know this is a little off topic, but I thought I would explain my lack of participation regarding TCM forums. I've been so busy practicing dorodango, I hardly have time to eat or relieve myself...forget about internet participation. I'm almost dorodango daffy. Dorodango is making shiny balls out of mud. Rusty
  7. If looks could kill...Jack Nicholson as "Jack Torrance" in The Shining (1980). I have a personal connection with Nicholson's Jack Torrance character. A few years ago, when my week always included "hangover Saturday" and one or more freshly scrubbed Jehovah Witness/LDS teens rang my doorbell at eight o'clock in the morning and I answered the door and I looked at who was on my doorstep and evil thoughts seized my concious...well, I'm sure that to those young folks, I must have looked just like Jack Torrance after his possession by the Overlook hotel's bad spirits. I know I looked something
  8. Patty McCormack as "Rhoda Penmark" in The Bad Seed (1956). I watched The Bad Seed the last time TCM broadcast the thing. Patty McCormack's performance convinced me Patty person MUST be evil. However, I recently watched Patty McCormack play a telepathic teenager in the One Step Beyond episode..."Make Me Not A Witch" (1959). Patty McCormack was just as nice as could be and I decided Patty was just acting when she did the Rhoda role. Rusty
  9. Oh boy. I want TCM to broadcast that movie where the masked wrestler dons taloned gloves and fights a gang of evil disciplinarians..."Santo's Claws Conquers The Martinets". Rusty
  10. Hello, My brother was involved with the anti-war movement during the late 1960s, early 1970s. He had a library of anti-war books...including the paperback edition of Johnny Got His Gun. I picked the book up and read the story in one sitting. I was thirteen or fourteen years old. The story has haunted me ever since. I mean, the story has really stayed with me ever since...just writing about Johnny Got His Gun forcefully reminds me of the experience of reading the novel. Now, I have not watched the movie...Johnny Got His Gun (1971). I don't know how the first half of the book could
  11. I wish I hung out with a literary crowd. I KNOW the subject of poetry would come up at some time and somebody would ask me, "Rusty...have you a favorite poem?" I would reply, "why YES...I DO have a favorite poem!" I would immediately recite "Pointy Birds"...a poem by Steve Martin as presented in his movie The Man With Two Brains. Ahem... O pointy birds, o pointy pointy, Anoint my head, anointy-nointy. Of course, after reciting "Pointy Birds"...I would have to find a new crowd. Rusty
  12. Hello. Lately, I've been watching a lot of Monogram Pictures Company pictures...Sidney Toler's Charlie Chans and the very good film...Dillinger (1945) and some other Monogram stuff. So, I'll vote for a heaping plate of Sheffield...MattHelm. Rusty
  13. Hello, The globetrotting gnome from Le Fabuleux Destin d'Am?lie Poulain (2001). The Sparks-Marx (Ned, Groucho) cigar. The "nose lifter upper" from You're Telling Me (1934). Rusty
  14. Hello, To all programming challenge participants...great job! I hope TCM programming department takes note of Filmlover's American Film Theater thing. I vote for Fredmill's schedule...Chester Morris! Of course! Rusty
  15. Anybody remember this movie? The Little Prince And The Eight Headed Dragon (Wanpaku ?ji no orochi taiji...1963). This "nobody" remembers Japanese animated feature...after forty five years...and lots of intemperate living. Rusty
  16. Gordy (1995) and Babe (1995)...both talking pig movies, both released to U.S. theaters about the same time, one pig movie tanked and one pig movie was a big hit. All I know is this...my sister-in-law said Gordy was, "Babe's evil twin...". I've watched great Babe and steered clear of Gordy. I'll call Gordy a cheap jack rip-off of Babe. Rusty
  17. DVD...Night Train To Terror (1985). Grade D. I would probably give this movie a grade F minus minus minus... if, I had watched the complete film. About 20 minutes into the godawful thing, my dvd player blew chunks of the disk all over my bedroom. VHS...A Pure Formality (Una Pura Formalita...1994). I've had the vhs of this movie hanging about the place for over a year and I finally got around to watching the movie. What was I thinking? What a great movie! Roman Polanski's "Inspector" is simply one of the finest big screen acting jobs I have ever experienced. Oh, and G?rard Depardieu
  18. Hello, Read "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden" by Joanne Greenberg. Greenberg's story similar to to Equus story...psychosis and profound mystical experience. Rusty
  19. Hello, Over the last decade, the company I work for has gone through one bankruptcy, two sales of company, several sales of business units and three company mergers. Here is my experience (and the official) timeline after one company buys another company... First few months after sale. Change employee medical insurance rules and administration, change employee life insurance rules and administration, change payroll administration and change employee 401K administration. After the first few months to beginning of second year after sale. Install whatever corporate business model i
  20. In the year twenty-five twenty-five... Turner Classics will show American Pie... Number five one five... No lie...sigh. Rusty
  21. Reading through this thread...I laughed, I cried, I pulled out my dvd of Godzilla versus Megalon (1973...MST3K version) and watched the thing. Godzilla versus Megalon. A satirical romp? A nostalgic look at the passing of good old organic Godzilla versus future star and metal monster...Jet Jaguar? A subtle commentary regarding the passing of good old organic Japan versus too much techno Japan? Maybe, just...good old monster wrestling? By the way...the message link (this thread) to IMDB listing for The Bamboo Saucer? I don't think the saucer is made of bamboo. Well, the saucer may
  22. Hello, This thread is for miscellaneous items...right? Here is an idea for a television show. I thought of the thing a couple of days ago. Now, maybe my idea has been done in the past...I don't know. I made myself laugh when the idea for my television show popped in my head. Here goes. I was watching a show called UFO Hunters on a cable channel. This show is sort of a spin-off of the popular show...Ghost Hunters. UFO Hunters feature a group of people traveling around the United States to various historical UFO "hot spots". They talk to UFO witnesses and do some hot spot locat
  23. Hello, Toshiba hard disk recorder. User selectable record rate of 3.2 Mbytes per minute. Equals 2 hours 18 minutes 45 seconds per 700 Mbyte DVD-R disk. Taiyo-Yuden blanks. Taiyo-Yuden and Toshiba...perfect-o-mundo. I've recorded 1200 Taiyo-Yuden disks...not one bad disk. Yay! Rusty
  24. Hello, The most disturbing thing I read (this thread) is the news America On Line (AOL) is to be dumped because of its business boat anchor status... Quote: "Time Warner reported its fourth-quarter results Wednesday, and detailed plans to separate AOL's slumping access business from the more successful advertising business. The company may also spin off the rest of Time Warner Cable, of which it owns 84 percent." So, those billions of AOL disks mailed to tens of millions of non-subscribers (those disks with that computer hijacking AOL software) was a waste of time, effort and mate
  25. Fred, Quote: "Willoughby... next stop Willoughby" Willoughby? I just checked Google Maps. Willoughby is a suburb of Sydney, Australia...next to Chatswood, Australia. The folks in On The Beach wait on a Melbourne, Australia beach...so, what's the deal? When I read the topic of this thread, the first thing I thought of was the nightclub featured in one of those "Topper" movies. The art deco, silvery-white looking nightclub. The nightclub featuring the "oh, way smooth", swing time, vocal group. I would like one evening at that club...of course, an evening out without ghosts.
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