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  1. We already know that she's someone else and she uses a number of identities in order to escape. We want to follow her and learn why she's doing that...
  2. The sound of the birds is emphasized a lot and there's something peculiar about it that is not so romantic as it might seem. The birds have taken on the sky, our female protagonist can "hear" the birds. they are there in the background.....mystery is there....
  3. The exact date and time and place is like we are about to see what will happen. It reminds me of a police report and it is like this is the reference report about it and how all the events followed hat day! Remarkable scene and open credits, the music of course sends chills down my spine every single time!
  4. That's a wondeful scene! The flirting mood, the lines the music in the background it all fts together so right but what I have to add here is this: those lines, the dialogue, you enjoy every single bit it, it is so very smart! Smart way to use words and language on film!
  5. I love this kind of opening! This is a classic one! I think this is the best way o open a psychological thriller! The eyes, the spiral, the music makes your mind go crazy! There's a lot of mystery here!
  6. We just wear his eyes! We are his lens even though he is relaxing...the interesting part is that we feel that we actually witness what is going on in those apartments!
  7. The camera is focusing on the different kind of shoes that finally introduce us to the characters I thnk this is playfull and creates a mystery at the same time! Loved it!
  8. The way the camera goes upside down is so Hitchcockian that I love! These two actors matched so great together!!! A must watch! And what about the question she makes: "what's your angle?" you could frame me." is it a reference to the cinematic style? Hitchcock is here!
  9. It is funny how the camera works and how we witness the whole scene! Ithink it is typical of Hitchcock to focus on everyday objects and things that can lead to extraordnary situations!
  10. Oh, I loved it! It is definitely a film noir! This guy is a loner he's surely in trouble the money on the floor might be form the last night's job and the two detectives are looking for him!
  11. This place has a lot of mystery! Yes, it seems like an idyllic place to be and yet..... there is something there! And what about the man she saved for suicide? Seems there's some kind of romance here with a dark tone! Love it!
  12. I think that this opening scene is very well choreographed and comic. The two gentlemen add to the story as they will comment about what they see and they will communicate with the audience what they see. The music and the different European languages make the scene colorful in other words we are again in an ordinary place where something peculiar will happen.
  13. Yes! We are in a crowded place where everyone looks cheerful and has some fun but it is in this ordinary ball room the extraordinary thing will happen!
  14. I think the characters! I don't know why but Peter Lorre looks peculiar and very much suspicious to me on this clip! Yes, it is somehow similar as there is some movement of some sort, some kind of action that escalates and dresses the scene!
  15. The voice of the woman in the store is so annoying that get into our nerves as it mostly works as a reminder of the murder. The girl knows something, other she is the witness of the crime sceme and she knows or she is the actual murderer! Surpise fact:how well Hitchcock combined the two: the voice of the woman with the thrilling effect of suspence! the sound works-adds to the mystery! Excellent! This must be a brilliant film!
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