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  1. ZAZ does indeed parody and spoof the police genre by putting slapstick humor at a breakneck speed into the beginning of the clip. It starts right up with near miss, hitting garbage cans, over-sized airbags, car rolling, nearly hitting him, his catching car on fire with his gun shots, car hitting fire hydrant and finally car getting away driverless and on fire. Slam Blam from start to finish. Very slapstick. ZAZ's approach and the team of Wilder & Brooks approach are similar in they are both spoofing specific films and genres, Brooks and Wilder with Frankenstein and other Universal Mons
  2. I saw "Young Frankenstein" on the big screen. Loved it. Have owned it both in VHS and DVD. Watched a number of times. Its funny. Every time it starts and ends its funny. From the start it reminded me of the old b&w horror movies Both in style, mannerisms, speech and atmosphere. The scene starts with a odd looking old man patient who allows himself to be the victum (butt of joke). You laugh at his near pain and his real pain. Then the doctor says "give him a extra dollar" on his way out. Definantly slapstick that started out subtle. I can not say this any better than the following
  3. I did not know blucher means glue in german. An insiders joke that makes the scene even more funny. Thank you for the info.
  4. I have seen "Banana's" back when it was shown at the theater. Didn't like it then. Nor do I like it now. I found it too forced and not that funny. Yes drawing the unfair short straw was parody. And the food order could have been great parody but missed the mark. I believe the Great Race is a homage to the Sennett and Roach films. I do not believe "Banana's" is. I believe the Great Race is a homage to the Sennett and Roach films
  5. Classmate Knuckleheads Return posted "The feel of this scene is reminded me a of a Hanna Barbera cartoon like "Quickdraw McGraw"." I agree and add that it reminded me of many a cartoon set-up from the 1950-1960's especially "Road Runner" where the Road Runner always suceeds and Wilie E. Coyote always fails, usually with something falling on him. Tony Curtis is the hero. We know this because he is handsome, always wears white, has a smlie that sparkles, and has women wanting him. He can do anything that is required of him. Period. Whether escape a straight jacket or save the heroine. Jack Le
  6. I was born in 1951. Grew up with TV and going to the saturday matinee. To this day I can watch the old b&w stuff, with Laurel & Hardy, Abott & Costello, Our Gang, Little Rascals, The Lucy Show, Red Skelton, Jack Benny, Jacki Gleason and The Three Stooges, and laugh. Really laugh. Whether it was what they said, how they looked, or what they did (or was done to them) you laughed. Slapstick was a necessity to their comedy. The Long, Long Trailer was great. It was a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World was great. And along with several other films this week seen at the theater. And with my famil
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