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  1. I had never seen either of these gags, but it was interesting to see the variation. The first one I found I liked the details within it more so than the latter one. I thought the characters were more intense in the first one, and on key. These slapsticks are amazing with the talent of actors.
  2. Questions 1. The immense amount of time management for the scene, and everything went in it , and how it took place. It just shows how prevailing and accurate films were then. The detail in them was greater than today. Too many effects today. 2. The elements that make a gag good is the surprise. You have to pay close attention and not miss anything to know what will happen next because it builds upon the next scene. 3. I agree with Canby that I think silent movie then had much more of an effect on visual comedy than today. The one thing that stands out is they
  3. I am not receiving them either, and wondering what's up. Daily Dose isn't going to my email at all. Where do I find it anyone know?
  4. I am amazed at the risk level he took in these films. Yes, I agree when watching it definitely makes you pay attention to details that one might not in todays films.
  5. The film clips on Buster Keaton were innovative and creative to say the least. In the first clip as he builds the house you can tell he believes in the set, and really is a remarkable actor. These silent films he acted in show his intelligence, as well as craftsmanship. He is one of the best just within the fact he took part in any stunt, regardless of danger level.
  6. Slapstick was referred as violent comedy as well as willful and intense pain. In 1915 By The Sea with Chaplin, he throws a peel of banana on the ground and then trips on it. Then again when he interrupts the marriage proposal. His actions set the setting up so well, and the immense amount of detail and thought to pull these acts off so well truly amazes me.
  7. I agree with documentaries are a great way of expression, and giving the viewpoint of the author while also educating people. Acting is definitely the key attribute is getting a point across. I too believe this is GOLDEN!
  8. I must agree it is part of a Classical Era. The history of 1912-1930 regarding films is a time of beginnings with within an era. Dialogue between actors was immensely focused to details in order for people to understand and follow. As images and visual techniques improved thus did the films. I don't think the completely visual form of wit totally disappeared, yet in today's world films and movies alike have evolved into today's era where people want to identify with what the characters are going through. Documentaries have provided opportunities over the numerous years to educate us
  9. This was the first time I had really viewed or paid attention in detail to a slapstick. I think slapsticks are ritualistic only because they are due to performance within a set and adherence to the task at hand. Although I do think these slapsticks look more make believe the acting is great.
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