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  1. I like this copy of the movie, but would have loved seeing the gardner the boy, not to bad just to get the him back. Way ahead of it's time and probably got a lot of interest at the time.
  2. I always thought of slapstick as the Three Stooges slapping one another. When I learned it was a sound effect prop I was surprised, but it makes since. People did not want to really hit each other and to make it sound like a real hit use a slap stick. I would have worked in sound effects for sure.
  3. Buster Keaton pushed the slapstick violence to the edge! He did stunts that at any moment could have killed him. The audience cringed hoping in their heart's that he wouldn't be killed, and thrilled and relieved to see him recover without a scratch. Like today the theatre fans wanted violence and fear, and Buster Keaton satisfied in every way. Mr.Keaton set the bar high for stunt people for all time. Thank you for your movies you were sensational.
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