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  1. Gee, thank you so much for sharing this list to all the cartoon lovers around the world.
  2. Daily Dose# 12 Does a movie that has as stylized a scene as An American in Paris’ ending ballet need to use a less-than-realistic, stylized approach throughout the film? I must agree that “An American in Paris” was an extravagant bonanza with melodious songs, vibrant dance sequences and myriad of wonderful settings. It seems like a painting has come back to life. At the same time, we could not make this movie a whimsical affair with lively dance sequences. The director knew that the audience need to know about the real Paris and that’s why he shot the scenes with Jerry through the s
  3. Daily Dose# 11 How do the pre-dance movements of O’Connor and Kelly compare to their actual dance movements? Gene was the “Alpha” male and Donald was the “Beta” male. Here, we could see they join together to sabotage the Professor’s diction lesson. Yes, they succeeds in it. All I could say is that Gene starts the show and Donald starts to follow. Watch the Professor all the way through and consider the role of the straight man. The Professor is a man with serious look. He is a no-nonsense man who doesn’t have the capability to digest practical jokes. Unfortunatel
  4. Daily Dose# 10 As you reflect upon female representation in the 1950s, where do you think this film character falls in the continuum? Why? Calamity Jane was a icon of feminism. That makes her stand out among the roles played by women. It is that women were meant to be sweet, soft, gentle, humble etc. This character was kind of rare for women. We could see that Calamity was the rough and tough chick who was a torchbearer of the West. Miss Day totally nailed it as Calamity. How do you think Doris Day grows as an actress in her various roles in the 1950s, before an
  5. Daily Dose# 9 As you watch the interaction between the four characters in this scene, what do you notice about the way they include each other or relate to one another? How is it different from early musicals we have discussed? The song shows that team spirit is not only reserved for sports but the entertainment industry as well. We could see that a dancer, a pair of playwrights and a dramatist could assemble together for a song. It is interesting to know that there isn’t a sign of inequality among the group as it consists of three men and a woman. What do you
  6. Daily Dose# 16 An amazing song to hear. After a few words, this song begins with the elegant voice of Miss Streisand who excels well as Fanny Brice. I was glad that she did not “belt” the song as it was perfect just as it is. Even though the lovers are in taciturn, we could see that Nick gazes lovingly at Fanny during the song. The camera shots were simply perfect as it follow the movements of Fanny till it ends.
  7. Daily Dose# 15 Explore any common themes and filmmaking techniques in a very different movie also directed by George Cukor, Gaslight. (If you are not familiar with Gaslight, compare and contrast Cukor's theme in this scene and his techniques with another musical you have seen during this course) "Gaslight" and "My Fair Lady" are common in one thing. The plot of both these films revolve around in London. Yes, we could see that the men have designs on their ladies. The fact is that the former wants to get hold of the jewels whereas the latter wants to get a well-polished woman out of her C
  8. Daily Dose# 7 This scene is quite unique as it flows away from the norm. The reason is that one doesn't see a girl chasing behind a man of her dreams. The usual norm is that "A Man chases a Girl" and courts till she's his own. Here, we could see that Betty is chasin' behind Frank till he runs out. Eventually, she empowers him with less might as Frankie is light as Feather. This scene would be an inspiration for another Baseball movie: "Damn Yankees" where Joe (Tab Hunter) is seduced by Lola (Gwen Verdon) in men's locker room. I should say that this scene was way ahead of its time. Here's
  9. Daily Dose# 13 In what ways does this scene look backwards to classical musicals and how does it look ahead to new disruptions that we now know will happen in the movie musical? In this scene, one could see that an audition takes place and the candidates try out their performances. Then, two adorable children perform "Let Me Entertain You". All of a sudden, a woman swiftly comes through the hallway and pushes the casting director aside. Since, she was a stage mother, she knew everything about the stage, the set and the program. Easily, she took over the stage to make her children the sta
  10. Daily Dose# 14 As you look back to the masculine performances in musicals of past decades, what changes in male representation, and performance would you say are most noticeable? Mr. Preston was known for portraying Beta male characters and he was usually cast as second lead. It is at the peak of '60's do we get to see him as a all-round performer. His performances showed a vaudevillian touch even along with the likes of Elvis Presley and the Beatles. What other specific qualities do you notice about Robert Preston in either or both of these clips? Mr. Preston was seen in bo
  11. Daily Dose #5 Describe how the scenes in today’s Daily Dose were designed to promote American values for audiences during World War II. Be specific. Refer to props, set design, settings, etc. in your answer. The scene takes place in White House where the interior design is simple yet elegant in legacy. As one could see, the pictures of former presidents were hung along the stairway. The American flag symbolises the patriotic love of this country. Even the flag was mentioned by the on-screen President from this scene. Listen carefully to the dialogue in these scenes
  12. Daily Dose #4 What other aspects of battle of the sexes do you see indicated in this clip or in the film Top Hat? All I could say is that this was the fun-filled “Battle Royale” between Mr. Astaire and Miss Rogers. It was a small competitive show off which ended with a friendly handshake. How does this film distinguish itself from other Depression era musicals we have watched or discussed this week? From the clips and daily doses which I viewed, This movie stands out. It is due to the fact that i
  13. Daily Dose #3 What do you notice about the Lubitsch touch? How do the props, the dialogue, and the staging help you understand the character of Alfred (Maurice Chevalier)? This scene has the “Lubitsch touch” . The scene is set in an extravagant room with rich decorum. The room with an elegant lady and a dashing debonair. Monsieur Chevalier is known for portraying a gentleman. Here, we could see that he is the ladies’ Don Juan with a charming personality. The presence of a garter shows that he is acquainted with more that one women. The other things we see are guns which he hav
  14. I am in awe of these men who are the Greatest dancers in the History of Hollywood. Even the “King of Class” Fred Astaire proclaimed them as the best dancers. They are the Nicholas Brothers. Fayard Antonio Nicholas and Harold Lloyd Nicholas have come a long way through dance. The dance sequence which I liked a lot is from the musical film called “Stormy Weather” along with the likes of Cab Calloway and Lena Horne. Here is the clip.
  15. Daily Dose #8 What do you notice about the way the scene is directed as Petunia goes to Joe’s bedside and as we cut to her outside hanging laundry? What does this tell us about her relationship, and the connection to the song? This scene shows the love of an ideal wife to her husband who is hurt. She tends him and looks after him just like her own child. The song is about “Petunia’s love for Little Joe”. Her love for him is everlasting no matter what troubles come to their lives.
  16. Daily Dose #6 What was the first Judy Garland film you recall watching? What was your impression of her? The first (or the best of Miss Garland’s performances) is in “The Clock”. It is a sweet, romantic melodrama directed by Vincent Minnelli. She co-starred along with Robert Walker. A story about soldiers who have to serve their country as well as endure the loyal love of their families and loved ones. Well, Judy doesn’t sing in it, but this film shows that she could make the audience sway with emotions. https://media.giphy.com/media/12TRFOmorFeJiM/
  17. Daily Dose #2 What do you notice about the interaction between the characters in these two scenes? Please give specific examples. In the first scene, Nelson and Jeanette are on the canoe. They are in search for Rose Marie's brother (played by Jimmy Stewart) who is deemed as escaped convict. While rowing the canoe, Nelson tried to allure her by singing a romantic song. But, Jenny was in a playful mode and made fun of his song by changing the ladies' names. Well, she liked him but maybe she was shy to profess her love to him. In the second scene, she is working as a saloon singer with an o
  18. Daily Dose #1 Do you agree that the clip exhibits a brighter perspective of life than might be realistic? Why or why not? Yes! It was the Great Depression. During that time, people were yearning to get away from the drudgery of real lives. The solution is simple: Movies! It is from there that they receive intrinsic delight. What themes or approaches might you anticipate from this clip in other Depression era musicals? The colorful sets, vibrant performances, gaily showgirls etc.
  19. “Hollywood Steps Out” https://youtu.be/xOFG_qmoH8I
  20. This shot is a good one ! I didn't include it in the post because I already shared the link so that everyone can discover those shots. There are other pictures including Rebecca and Psycho in the link as well.
  21. I have no words to say but I could not believe that this wonderful course has come to an end. I know that all good things will have a beginning and a finale. I am so glad to take this course and it was my first experience from which I got to know more about the "Master of Suspense". I was also happy to see the lecture videos with our very own Professor Dr. Rich Edwards along with the wonderful Scholar Dr. Wes Gehring. They were so passionate with their lectures and analyses that they had this unique chemistry which made me curious to watch their videos all the time. All the interactive games (
  22. Ginger Rogers ! https://68.media.tumblr.com/09423c049d13f997a82247692dec7f5f/tumblr_omf176gSpv1vwbwc9o1_400.gif
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