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  1. Sorry, I've just watched Daily #1 and just gone through most of the comments. I'll just add a couple responses: (1) Golden Age? There is no such thing. There are things to discuss and talk about why some things are funny to some people. And BTW to call something a golden age you have to compare it to all the other "ages" and have to have some standard you are comparing them by. (2) Importance of being silent. As some point out they had to be silent. And silent comedy persists independently (mime for example, and Mr. Bean)and as a component of other forms. But I think sound was always a component of most comedy. (1) in live performances where there is the actual sound of what was being done physically (2) the sound of fellow audience members laughing and reacting, (3) the music played during films. Even though some theaters shows films without music, there is a reason that there was music played during showings of silent films, it enhanced the experience and the humor. I think Charlie Chaplin wrote much of the music to accompany his films. And BTW, notice that the Golden Age TV show insisted in adding music to clips that it selected. (3) Documentaries. Documentaries that really explore something or someone are interesting. But I hate the compilations of gags that take them out of context. And the narration drives me up the wall. CHarlie
  2. I feel that in this discussion of the breakdown of the gag something may be missing. That is the reaction of the "victim" to the injury. I think this may be important in creating the humor. And it may also be the device for instantly making clear the person was not hurt. Similarly in breaking down the gag the set up is also very important. For example, in the hose film it is so important that he spends time getting closer and closer to the hose. Probably everyone knows what is about to happen. And I think it is also important that the relative status of the characters is made clear. I love slap stick but TV shows I've seen on the subject often just show a series of gags. But the context is missing. These are some random thoughts that I wish I could express more concisely and articulately. Charlie
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