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  1. I have been having quite a ball, having a bit of a Ken Russell summer.  He's such an original and his films are so visually stunning.   The Devils - wow. I just saw it for the first time a few months ago. I have to admire any film that I can say is one of the most disturbing I have ever seen.  One always gets his money's worth with Oliver Reed and how cool that Vanessa Redgrave would take a bold chance with this film.  I watched Tommy (which I've seen many times) and also Lisztomania and The Devils in one week, and then I had to take a break from visual overstimulation. 

    I was just about to be annoyed that I had spent two hours on Lisztomania, and then the preposterous ending occurred, and all was forgiven with this viewer!  Trying to review a Ken Russell film is sort of beside the point. Either you're in the mood for the ride or not. 


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  2. With apologizes to many other greats, Burton is my choice for best actor of the twentieth century. 

    He gives fantastic performances in many of his films, and he can even save a dud or sometimes be the only worthwhile part of it. 

    I recently spent roughly two hours watching 1968's Candy, for which is difficult to drum up any support, even as a product of its time with an interesting cast. Thank goodness for Burton, who manages to be the best part of this dreck. 

    I love Burton's work in My Cousin Rachel, Look Back in Anger,  The Night of the Iguana, Anne of the Thousand Days, Becket,  and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.   Burton and Deborah Kerr's scenes in ...Iguana are such perfection, and I think those two help Ava Gardner to give a better than usual performance.  His work opposite Peter O'Toole in Becket is where I began to realize that there probably isn't a better actor than Burton.

    Even when the film isn't my favorite, such as The Spy Who Came in from the Cold or The Sandpiper, he's still reliably wonderful.

    I love when, as Louis Jordan is taking Elizabeth Taylor away from him in The VIP's, Burton calls him "Gigolo! Buffoon! Diner-outer! Notorious Sponge!" That was so funny I had to memorize it. (Jordan is no slouch in the scene either.)

    I just watched Equus for the first time and I can't imagine what it would be without Burton. I'll be catching up on the war films that were part of Burton day. I can't say I'm terribly excited to watch them, but they must be part of my film education. 

    I regret that I was born too late to see this giant on the stage.








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  3. I'm a fan of Lifeboat.  It doesn't seem to be shown as much as many of Hitchcock's other films, but I have seen it a few times, starting in childhood.

    I'm going purely from memory here. 

    Tallulah is over-the-top and wonderful; I'm sure Hitch knew exactly what he was doing in casting her. Yes, there are some scenes that can be a little silly (I seem to remember she and John Hodiak kissing right before the boat capsizes, which seemed less than realistic, but this is an entertaining film and I can't quibble about a few details. )

    Lifeboat is well cast.  Heather Angel, Walter Slezak, and William Bendix are all excellent in their roles.  Hitch's "appearance" is a lot of fun in this one.

    If I remember correctly, John Steinbeck wrote (or co-wrote) the screenplay, which no doubt brought additional pathos to a dramatic film. 

    It's one of the more overlooked Hitchcock works, I think, which is a shame because it is such a well-crafted film. 





  4. I recently re-watched  Compulsion and  (for about the hundredth time) The Way We Were.  I enjoy your father's performance in both.

    The scene on the sailboat with  your father and Redford in The Way We Were is perfection.  


  5. These aren't necessarily in order. They are the horror films that I never tire of.


    1. Dracula (1931)

    2. Psycho (1960)

    2. The Shining (1980)

    3. The Exorcist (1973)

    4. The Ring (2002)

    4. Cat People (1942)

    5. Frankenstein (1931)

    6. The Mummy (1932)

    7. The Mystery of the Wax Museum (1932)

    8. I Walked with a Zombie (1943)

    9. The Leopard Man (1943)

    10. Pet Sematary (1986)

    11. The Innocents (1961)

    12. The Omen (1976)

    13. The Lost Boys (1986)

    14. The Others (2001)

    15. Burnt Offerings (1976) - (I get one guilty pleasure, right?)

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