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  1. Hi y'all. Really enjoying this class. First time poster, long time lurker. Maybe it's me, but I find defining something like comedy is a bit like defining a work of art. What makes something a masterpiece, versus being 'okay' or simply blobs of paint on a canvas? Why do we find something funny? Why is slapstick, in particular, able to make us laugh so much? I have sat and thought for days......Thought about the 5 elements of what is slapstick.....Although I can agree on an intellectual level and see the elements in a gag if I dissect it, it's still at some very basic, gut-level instinct that something either makes me laugh or doesn't. I remember a friend of mine recommending Peter Seller's oddball classic, "The Party". He said he laughed all the way through. So I watched it. It has some good gems in it, but I have such a hard time laughing if somebody is embarrassed. It's a funny flick, no doubt, but I hardly could muster up even a 'tee hee'. Everybody has their own idea of what is funny. He loved the movie. I could only say "Meh, it was cute". Yet, I remember being at the beach with my ex husband years ago, and this little kid had an ice cream cone and was squealing with glee, running and being goofy, and he tripped right in front of us and his cone splatted into the sand. My ex and I burst out laughing like a couple of hyenas. Yeah, it was kinda sad, but it's that classic human condition, where everything is wonderful (sun, sand, ice cream cone, on top of the world, Ma!), and then one wrong step and you're face down in the surf and your cone is covered with sand. I suppose, in my own analysis, it's the highs followed by the splat (and if you're a high class swell, it's even funnier)....the irony that is life. Better to laugh than to cry, I suppose. If I could add an element to slapstick, I think it would be irony.
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