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  1. I agree with the five elements of slapstick. There's nothing to disagree with. I don't think all five need to be present, just variations & combo's. I was a little surprised about violence, but I have a life story that relates. My best friend and I (appox 16, 17 yo) were up in the mountains & snow with his dad's Apostolic Church group. We were allowed to go "play" in the snow as long as we faithfully attended one of the multiple daily services. Having done that straight away we ran up the mountains with our inter tubes and jumped in. Our first run we ran together in one big tube. We were turning and laughing down the slope and suddenly thought OMG! At the bottom of the run was a launch. At the esimated point of impact was a tree trunk split in two and spiraling straight up from the snow, sure to be the point of impaling us both like "shish kabob skewers." We both saw it the same time.., we both looked at each other like, "you first, what do we do?" We were both very good friends, there was nothing to do but surrender our fates up. We sped to the bottom and launched, way up. I saw his legs in the air above me. I twisted and saw were we headed straight for the tip of the spiral. The only thing a guy can do at that point, is squeeze the eyes shut and......, woosh, woosh! I landed and inch to the right of the whole thing.., he landed an inch to the left. We were both stunned by God's intervention.., then we started laughing.., and laughing.., we couldn't stop laughing. So yes, I understand the contribution violence makes. My definition of slapstick would be the same approached to defining film noir. Maybe you can't define it, but you know it when you see it. So I define Slapstick by closing my eyes and thinking of words; silly, funny. Keystone cops, the Tramp, big clocks with people dangling from the hands in mid air.., etc..., etc. :-)
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