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  1. Kleben or Klebstoff is the word for glue in German. Not Blucher.
  2. I have never seen these colored stills before! They are great but I think the movie is best in black and white. All part of its parody of the original Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. I love that it was shot in B&W.
  3. My mom and I are the same way with the exaggerated French accent. We will quote the movie often imitating his accent. One of my kids got a new toy stuffed monkey and my mom said " Do you have a license fer yer Menkey?" My kid gave her the funniest look and all I could do was laugh. He is such a loveable character and you are so right about how he remains in character so well despite all the physical gags. I love the pink panther movies so much and this one is my favorite.
  4. I love cameos in films as well. Always such a fun surprise especially when it is a remake of a film and the original actor plays a small cameo role. Or movies like Austin Powers where they made a remake of the movie in the movie with Tom Cruise, Danny Devito, " Hey Look at me! I'm Mini me!" Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey as Dr. Evil. Actors must have a blast playing these cameo roles. A favorite cameo of mine is in a movie coming up next week, Young Frankenstein. Gene Hackman plays the blind man that plays host to the Monster. One of the more hilarious scenes in a movie. My mom and I always joke " Wait! Where are you going? I was going to make espresso!!" When we talk about going somewhere. I love the Howard Cosell cameo in Bananas. It reminds me of another one of my fave slapstick films of the 80's "Better Off Dead". Where John Cusack always runs into these two Asian brothers who want to race. "Two brothers... One speaks no English, the other learned English from watching "The Wide World of Sports." So you tell me... Which is better, speaking no English at all, or speaking Howard Cosell?" Makes me laugh so hard every time. And I will probably be one of the odd ones out here - but I didn't care for Anchorman at all. I think at this point I was so tired of Will Ferrell in everything and it seemed so forced. My husband loves the movie and loves to tease me about not liking it. I get even by making him watch Marx Brother's films with me. Ha ha!!
  5. 1. How well do the slapstick elements of this clip match up with the five conditions of slapstick proposed in Module 1 (exaggerated, physical, repetitive/ritualistic, make believe, painful/violent)? I watched the clip then I decided to go and watch the entire short. Watching the short in its entirety made the clip make way more sense. To me at least. It was definitely exaggerated from his actions to be as gross as possible thinking his date was going to be ugly, to finding out she's beautiful then with his attempts to clean back up. Physical for sure. Falling into the woman's bathroom when he turns and sees she is pretty, to driving to the dance when every time his garlic breath made his friend almost drive into people, to dancing and getting his suspenders caught, getting sprayed in the face with the rose water and spilling all the gumballs all over. The entire short really needed to be seen not just the small clip of it. Repetitive/Ritualistic - goes along with the physical, the attempts to clean up especially with the rose water spraying all over. Reminded me of The Three Stooges or even Laurel and Hardy with the trick lapel flower gag. ( And I learned from reading these answers that he used to direct Three Stooges so it now makes sense to me that his gags seem familiar since I am a huge fan of the Stooges) Make believe - I would say the part where he is shaving. The man reading the paper being oblivious to Charley using his as a block so he could shave then using the back of the other man's jacket as a mirror. Must have been some incredibly shiny fabric. I thought that gag was a little far fetched even for slapstick. The entire short could be seen as make believe. Violence - well no one got punched, but you could say the driving was a little violent, almost hitting people. Him falling into the bathroom violent or people slipping on the gumballs. But those weren't in the clip, but other parts of the short. 2. Do you find the clip confirming or challenging Gerald Mast's description of Charley Chase? Even in a short clip, do you get the sense that his greatest emotion is "exasperation?" I would say his emotion was some exasperation, embarrassment and annoyance. Annoyed about the old date being there, annoyed she tricked him with the lunch basket, annoyed his friends wouldn't get him his suit back. Exasperated at the rose water machine, embarrassed he was so gross when he saw his date was pretty. 3. As an early talkie that is transitioning from the "silent film era," how well do you think this scene uses synchronous sound and music in the construction of its gags? I think they did a great job with the sound and the music. It fit well into the scene, not overly done but part of sound slapstick is the sound effects that go with the gags. I think it was well done. I also wished this was a longer film. They could have done so much more with it. Maybe have him visit her in Pittsburg and he shows up looking super sharp, nice suit, shaved, fresh breath etc and she answsers the door all gross and grubby with no makeup on , hair messy, maybe a tattered robe. To sort of turn the tables. And then have the Pip from Pittsburg as her roommate and she is all dolled up. Something. I am rambling. Anyway I enjoyed the short.
  6. In my email inbox on Canvas it says on the left of the screen I have a message. I go to the email folder and nothing comes up in inbox or unread or anything. Anyone know how to see email messages on Canvas?
  7. The Night at the Opera stateroom scene is one of the funniest movie scenes I have ever seen. The over the top ridiculousness of it makes me laugh so hard every time I watch it. I think what makes this scene so great is all the different things going on in the room and not a single person said "I will come back later when it isn't so crowded". They all act like this was a normal thing to happen in a stateroom on the ship. The fact that there is a giant steamer trunk in the room with makes me laugh because it shows just how tiny the room is to begin with. Then when each person comes in they act like it is big deal. Groucho's constant commentary and remarks are so quick and clever, Harpo staying asleep the whole time "He's half asleep and half nelson" and Groucho getting a manicure makes the scene become more over the top. "Would you like your long nails or short?" " Better make them short, its getting kind of crowded in here". At that point it was already beyond crowded. Its fun to watch the scene several times to catch all the lines you miss the first time around. Like when the gal comes in looking for her Aunt Minnie and asks to use the phone and Groucho quips " Tell Aunt minnie to send up a bigger room will ya". Then when the stewards come back with all the food they march right on in as if it was a much bigger room, they somehow get the door closed just for everyone to fall out onto Mrs. Claypool when she opens the door. The point was to make it ridiculous and fun. Physical and verbal slapstick. Its supposed to be over the top and beyond reason and logic. Ever since I saw this scene I can no longer make two hardboiled eggs without making a honking sound and saying "make that three hard boiled eggs" and cracking myself up.
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