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  1. I know the hunger is part of the character, but I'm occupied with how much/long/often I've watched Chaplin try to score something to eat. The handwork in the gag, reminiscent of a three-shell game, connotes the con and demonstrates how adept the Tramp is at stealing, but we can never fault him. It's food, after all, and always from a bigger man with a bigger mustache.
  2. If not the “Golden Age,” then at least the era of the most universal appeal for comedy. These films “play” in the classroom today for the same reason three generations could have side-by-side in the theater enjoying them ninety years ago. You’re not rolling your eyes and chewing the straw in your character-licensed cup at the LEGO movie until you’re able to titter at some double-entendre reference that flies right over your kid’s head. Everyone who’s watching is able to laugh, everyone who’s invested in the average Joe, underdog heroes of these films.
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