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  1. That's interesting. I really liked her in "Limelight".
  2. Thanks for your info. I figured out that it was "The Flag" when I had accidentally taped it. I quite enjoyed the Technicolor in a silent.
  3. When was "Nosferatu" on? I can't believe I missed it, that is a tragedy indeed. Does anyone know when it will be aired next?
  4. I haven't taped anything lately. I think the last thing I taped was "Exodus" with Paul Newman a few weeks ago. Still haven't watched it lol..
  5. Has anyone read "When Character Was King" by Peggy Noonan? It's a really good book and has some interesting stories.
  6. Wow thanks so much for your help! I'm in love with that song!
  7. Does anyone know what song that the piano guy, Mr. Neville plays in "Limelight"? I really love the song and would love to know where to get the music for it. Info anyone?
  8. Hey everybody, I was wondering if you might know the name of this silent movie. It's so weird, but for some reason I've taped the last 10 seconds of it twice. The end shows the French, American, and English flags all flying side by side (in color), and then it says, "So in 1917 they all united for a common cause" (that might not be the right wording). And then it's the end. Does anyone know what movie this is? It's so intriguing because the more I see this clip the more I want to know about it.
  9. Happy birthday, Roldfilm! Is your birthday today? Today's my 16th.
  10. Hey everybody! I just thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Whitney or Whit. I really love silent movies and all classic movies. So, I'll see you all around!
  11. --spoiler warning-- I was watching "Limelight" with Charlie Chaplin, 1952, and it cut off right before the very end. At least, I think it was the very end. It cut off right after he dies and it shows her dancing on stage. I was guessing that was the end, maybe she married the piano guy after that? I don't know. Could somebody please tell me what happens?
  12. I would really like to see TCM play "The Sheik" sometime. I haven't ever seen it, but from what I hear, it sounds like such a good movie! And I love Rudolph Valentino! *sigh*
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