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  1. Dr. Rich Edwards, Will I be mailed a certificate of completion for my participation in the course, "Ouch, Tribute to Slapstick Comedy." Thanks, Angela Clark.
  2. 1. How does style of Ferrell and McKay differ from or compare to Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, or the team of ZAZ? Be specific. Unlike the seriousness and specificness of Woody Allen, the collaboration of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay is completely off the wall. The team is moreover more closer to Mel Brooks and ZAZ, where they take a joke and run away with it. Ex. when the rival Anchorman Frank Vitchard's arm was severed. It's just what viewers have come to expect from "that wild and crazy guy," Ferrell. Even down to the preparing for the duel, armed with battle axes, medieval flail, grenade
  3. "Strange Brew" was a real spoiler filled with gags, ex. when Bob was heavily bloated from drinking a whole vat of beer. It was a real barrel of laughs. Laughs a minute. I really enjoyed the movie. Cracking jokes like the brewery being a wrong turn for the mental institution. I was actually reminiscent of those misfitted brothers from the film, "Dumb and Dumber," where mishaps always seem to find them. It was an action packed adventure filled with chills. spills, and a whole lot of fun.
  4. It was "a really big show." Only regrets that I have to say. Hope that Dr. Rich Edwards, as well as the rest of the team "play it again, Sam," next year, or sooner. Best regards.
  5. 1. How would you describe ZAZ's approach to film parody or film spoofs in this scene? Cite specific examples. Anything goes with this crew, nothing's panned. Just about anything under the sun is included in this film. Go get 'em team, all in the name of the brotherhood theme, "all for one, and one for all." They're back in the flash and ultimately ready for action. It's a threesome, like "birds of a feather" gathered at the window located at police headquarters. They're family; inseparable. Like as if the message were guilded in stone, never leave your partner stranded. 2. How i
  6. 1. How does this scene successfully parody the Universal horror films of the 1930s. Be specific. In comparison, this scene from Young Frankenstein actually pokes fun at those serious, scary "3-D" sci-fi horror films. Exemplary of such horrifying films as "The Island of Dr. Moreau," Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein," as well as other bone chilling, blood curdling films, these stories host a sordid, diabolical mad scientist who escapes to his lab to do evil, in his attempts on the face of the world. It is like preceding strong medicine with a spoonful of laughter. 2. In keeping Gene Wilder'
  7. 1. In what ways does this scene from Bananas operate as both slapstick and a parody? Fieldings' character was an overall loser, non achiever, like charismatic D.F. Lawrence, inasmuch as to state of the irony of it all. His landing his first job as a revolutionary soldier for Castro's army. Whereas, "comedy is the best medicine," as to state of how nobody's life is this bad. Look at how fast he takes to these soldiers, connects with their faction, as if he known them all his life, as well as their ideals. He leads these workers as if he is "a pro" at it. "Gun toting" Fieldings obviously
  8. In the world of work, hey I'd sure not like to be in that fellow's predicament.
  9. It is interesting that you should ask. Also, if I might add, it's interesting that these directors would pitch a film surrounding the WW II era. I'd guess that the troops, as well as the home front needed a laugh. Another road movie featuring Dorothy Lamour would be "High Road To Singapore." On a theme of "guy gets girl," "...hey, by the way, who gets the girl?" It's anybody's answer. Lamour sure is slippery when wet. It's kinda hard to hold her down. That was a great topic, I might add to bring up to the event.
  10. "It's A Mad, Mad World" shrouded in the world's greatest pastime, the steeplechase. The great hoopla of the scene would be all in the event of racing after "yellow fool's gold." To state of the authenticity of the threat, where it is extolled that one man didn't make it, upon "kicking the bucket." The race with time was filled with thrills, spills, and lots of action. It was an all-over comedy hit. A crowd pleaser for audiences of the young, as well as the old. Where "laughter is the best medicine," this real pleasure ride consisted of a rip roaring laughs, every minute. It hosted a sta
  11. 1. As you carefully watch the screen, what do you learn about the character Hulot (Jacques Tati) as he walks up to his apartment? As yet another perfect day not without a mishap, here we have Hulot, a perfect victim of circumstance. Haphazardly, he slowly enters the scene from the bystander standpoint while his life goes through a taciturn at his encountering a girl who nonchalantly runs and drops a tomato on the ground. Mother yells at the girl. There is confusion as to whether she is yelling at the girl or at unawares Hulot. As if matters couldn't get worse, he taunts his fish in front
  12. 1. What do you think the addition of color adds to this scene and its gags? The addition of color adds more depth, more visual acuteness, as well as clarity to the scene. If the viewer could only capture the irony that these characters are in, found on an incline between the grips of death and holy matrimony. Her struggles to find the bright side of life with her making jokes, and one-liners. If one could capture the frustration of Lucy falling out of the camper and looking "like a pig" into the mud. 2. What are some of the techniques that Vincente Minnelli uses in this scene to make i
  13. As far as his publicity goes, he is known as top aced detective Inspector Jacques Cousteau. Otherwise, as far as the bedroom is concerned, he is not so worthy. Whereas, his wife has an eye for every man but his impresario. The misleading facade of the the doting wife, while she is off gallivanting with another man. She seems unamused, even bored with him. The team of criminals seem to pay more attention to his presence, concerning their outwitting, foreplay, as well as walling technique.
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