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  1. Greetings; Here is a link to another Film Study Course. https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/literature/21l-011-the-film-experience-fall-2013/
  2. Thank you Dr. Edwards and the enlightening material and feedback from all participants. So many clowns, so little time.
  3. 1. How does the spoof style of Ferrell and McKay differ from or compare to the styles of Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, or the team of ZAZ? Be specific. For me this particular clip is the most exaggerated of the movie and approximates the style of ZAZ, as other commentators have pointed out. The homage aspects referencing West Side Story, Spartacus and Planet of the Apes for some reason makes me think of Mel Brooks. Overall Ferrell's Anchorman reminds me of Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther, with his exaggerated self confidence yet bumbling and even clueless demeanor. 2. We first saw a portion of this clip during our Breakdown of a Gag on Cameos—in the full context, what do the cameos add to this fight scene? Cameos bring added excitement to the scene and emphasize the make believe, exaggeration, and perhaps even the ritualistic components of slapstick. 3. Of the slapstick influences we covered in this class, who do you think most influenced Will Ferrell as a slapstick comedian? You can select for your answer any of the studios, directors, writers, or actors covered in this course. Of course I have to believe Will Ferrell is a serious student of his craft and as such has been influenced by many of these. However I would say Peter Sellers might be the greatest influence, as Ferrell seems to have the same type of breadth in his talent to play so many interesting characters. Lastly let me thank you all who made this course-- I shall miss you!
  4. Having read the many well thought responses to this question. I will try to not be a clown. My first thought is what are we making parody of? War movies? Revolutions? Castro? Peace corps? For me this is not entirely clear. Contrast this with Young Frankenstein which states in its opening credits that it is based on the characters from Mary Shelly. So while I don't contest the statement that this film is a parody i also cannot quickly identify the object of the parody. So as a fan of this movie I have come to the conclusion that the parody is of taking life too seriously. What could be more serious than a revolution and more routine than a take out order? As for the second question I am also confused. I have gone back to the presentations on Sennett and carefully read the thoughts of Mast. So while my admitted ignorance of this complex subject, i would have to say that Roach seems to be the more understandable comparison to me, Roach encouraged comedians to find their voice, I would say Allen found his.
  5. The only thing I have to add to previous comments is the musical score. It's as over the top as the action, and reminds me particularly of Bugs Bunny.
  6. As you carefully watch the scene, what do you learn about the character of Hulot (Jacques Tati) as he walks up to his apartment?Hulot seems to be a man completely comfortable in his own skin. Therefore he can confront the absurdities of life with gentleness, love and acceptance. He protects the young girl’s dropping of the tomatoes, easily absorbs the vendor’s wrath, as his fish seems unconcerned with the dog’s barking, (The fish returns as a fountain/ statue at the modern house). Each situation and person he meets – he brings joy and comfort to the interaction. The girl, the mother, passing through the laundry, directing sunlight to the singing bird. Instead of slapstick this could be called lovestick. How is the building used to support Tati's physical comedy?The “funhouse” design of the building exaggerates the non-functionality of Hulot’s life. It’s the journey not the destination. As he passes through each window of his journey through the building, the tension builds at the circuitous route. Hulot moves through the maze easily and comfortably, familiar with the ups and downs.
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