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  1. Confirmed. The late 80s vhs does indeed reveal a bit of male genitalia when the nude actor greets Jacy at the pool party. More half than full frontal, but the camera definitely ranges a few inches lower than the dvd.
  2. I completely disagree. I watch TCM specifically to see films from the 60 s and 70s, and I’m thrilled with their selections. From my standpoint, though, they show way too much from the 40s and earlier. To each his own.
  3. Interesting that TCM blew up the image the other night when the guy got out so we didn't see below his waist, but not the girl. We'll assume that's because it was still in prime time... But so much for the uncut part of "uncut and commercial free" (and, yeah, that can be a double entendre). I didn’t see it in its original run, so I’m not sure if your memory is correct, but the official dvd release is cropped the same as what TCM showed, so I don’t think you can blame them for censorship. They just showed what’s currently available.
  4. Chariots of Fire was a much bigger upset. No one saw that one coming. Most prognosticators thought 1917 would win, but most of them also said that Parasite could be a spoiler. And it was.
  5. If you’re a fan of Nicholas Clay sans clothing, there’s quite a difference.
  6. FYI, the version of The Night Digger shown last night appears to have been the longer version from the DVD , rather than the truncated version previously shown by TCM
  7. I just watched the TCM preview of upcoming Christmas movies that follows Career Girls, and Christmas in Connecticut was definitely included.
  8. My provider is Comcast, and I use TiVo to record and then offload movies to a hard drive. Plex then indexes them and let’s me stream them at will. There’s a Plex app for TiVo, Appletv, Roku and more. So far the pop ups have been not that annoying now that I know where they’re coming from. I don’t know whether an upgrade to the paid Plex subscription might make them go away.
  9. I dvr a lot of movies off of TCM and store them on a hard drive. Plex is an app that lets me stream them to my tv.
  10. Through the process of elimination, I have determined that the culprit is in fact Plex, and not TCM. So my apologies to AT&T. I don’t pay Plex anything, so I guess I can’t get too upset. It hasn’t happened very often so far.
  11. Yes, I do. It’s similar to the TCM logo when it pops up, but a good bit bigger. I’ve only watched about 10 minutes of the movie so far, so it happened in that interval. I was streaming a recording I made the other night using Plex, so it’s possible they inserted it, although I use Plex a lot and have never seen that before. I’ll continue to investigate.
  12. I just noticed a pop up ad for STARZ and the season premiere of Outlander during Radio Days. Thank you, but no thank you, AT&T.
  13. The Haunting (The original one, of course), The Innocents, Night of Dark Shadows, Don’t Look Now, The Hunger, and The Tenant
  14. Yes, please. I mean, come on, these movies are from 60 to 30 years old. It’s not like these films are shown regularly in HD and uncut, commercial free anywhere else. There’s a huge audience out there for these films, which includes me, who aren’t really that interested in much pre-1960. I love TCM for its current programming mix. Please don’t change it.
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