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  1. As I recall, the word was that they wanted her to come back after the pregnancy, but she wanted changes in the character, to be more complex and less naive and goody, goody. The producers wanted the same old Vicki, so it never happened.
  2. They don’t usually air hard R rated movies in the early, or even late, afternoon. And this one is pretty hard, as I recall.
  3. What are they thinking? This is pretty racy stuff, usually reserved for the wee hours of the morning. Anyone who unknowingly tunes in expecting a family friendly comedy is in for quite the surprise. Not that it bothers me, but it is surprising.
  4. The amazing thing, I think, is that that was her real name. It seems too perfect not to be staged. I’ll never forget her from Heat.
  5. I prefer the narration; also, the European cut, which is much more graphic.
  6. That question is pretty much answered in 2049, which I thought was horribly underrated, or at least under appreciated by the movie going public
  7. Have you tried to login to watch TCM with your Hulu credentials? They’re listed as a provider.
  8. Must be your cable provider. They’re all streaming on Watch TCM for me except Bonfire, which is on HBOMax.
  9. Dressed to Kill is his masterpiece, imho. It’s batsh*t crazy, but gorgeously filmed, and one of the few Hitchcock homages that manages to honor and mimic but also to transform in strange new directions. And Angie Dickinson! Runner up status to Obsession, though. Terribly underrated. Finally, Body Double. If the powers that be had allowed him to hire Traci Lords, we might not have ever had Melanie Griffith as we know her today.
  10. It’s the aspect ratio. The vhs tape of Picture Show has more genitalia, but TCM didn’t trim any scenes. There’s a recent book on Cowboy that clarifies that the X rating was just a promotional stunt. The ratings board didn’t really think it was an X.
  11. See above. Completely agree, but it should be the director’s cut. The theatrical release was butchered and somewhat incomprehensible.
  12. Petulia is one of my favorite films of all time. Christie is also a favorite, and she’s at her very best. Glad you got to see it. I have an enormous French Petulia poster in my bedroom.
  13. I like being able to see films that most people would not necessarily think are classics, but that aren’t available readily elsewhere. For example, In Search of Gregory and Every Little Crook and Nanny, just to randomly choose a couple. I’m pretty happy with TCM’s current direction.
  14. I actually have it in a BLU ray set with Hurry Sundown and Skidoo. Beautiful transfers of all, and worth it, for me.
  15. She’s an actress, so whatever, but Mia did not come across in the documentary as a bitter woman with an axe to grind. Same for Dylan. Love the work, not so much the man.
  16. Lol. He was amazing. I spent the entire run of St. Elsewhere, from episode 1, worried that he was going to die. He outlived most of them, and St. Elsewhere by well over 30 years! He seemed so old when it debuted, and he was only in his sixties! Loved him.
  17. Ya think? I think she was clearly slumming, and it came back to bite her. I think that’s what so many people had an issue with. She was free and liberated, and in this particular instance, she died for it. I don’t think it was moralizing, though. It never tried to say that you shouldn’t be sexually free cuz it might kill you. It was just telling a sad and moving story.
  18. Wasn’t his character loosely based on Jon Peters? He did turn out to have some business acumen.
  19. The Richard Gere line is— I seen the movie. Class all the way. And Jane Fonda was smokin’ hot in Klute. She rocked that shag, which I agree is not generally a flattering hairstyle. Regardless of one’s opinion of Fonda in general, surely we can all agree that no one doubted for a minute that men were willing to part with large sums of money for an hour of Bree Daniels’ time.
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