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  1. ARTURO: No I don't plan on going however, U can call me any evening at 818-618:6045 ---I'd love to talk with U any time at night or late afternons . I'm up late but I don't do mornings. I sort of ease into the day - know what I mean?...Leo
  2. Arturo, that was a time when prople drank & smoked; and some to excess. Just look at BOGART, in films I'd watch him take a puff & when he spoke line thereafter I rarely seen smoke being exhaled. I'm a moderate smoker however I seldom puff it all into me. A woman said I smoke like a frenchman; letting most of smoke escape from my mouth. And, Artu ro, I reside in Sherman Oaks. U said U live in the LA area. Are you close by? If so it would be great if we could get together. Just a thought....
  3. I remember reading that Linda Darnell did some nudity in films she made in Europe. Does anyone out there have any info on this topic. She always seemed to thrust those breasts of hers out whenever I saw her in films---well, most of them. Thank you.
  4. Say I was thinking why not have an evening of the series 'COMBAT" ---and the perfect time would be on a Sunday, instead of showing those damn silent films. ThESE are the time when I wish I had RO;s email address. If anyone out there has it can u please giv e it to me. Thank you and why not petition TURNER to show "COMBAT" Or do we have to go to combat to get them to show this fine series! ....
  5. Darnell was also in a thriller called 'Hangover Squar' with music by B.Herrman & stared Geo.Sanders plus Raymound Burr's brother, Lariad Gregar.
  6. I also appreciated the talents of Vic Morrow as well. He was good in most anything he did. And in the mid 70's I tought ballrom dancing at the Fred Astar dance studio and taught Vic Morrow's mom aome steps. She was a charming woman.
  8. SHE WAs such a fine actor. A shame she died in that fire trying to save a child who already escaped a firery death which unfotunately, claimed Linda. And why oh why is Turner still showing very old 30's films?? Again, why don't those who select what is shown dulv e deeper into their collction & pick better films to show!
  9. AS I mentioned befor, if only FLYNN had more internal confidence as the fine actor he was; then If he had, he'd have taken better care of his body. After all, it is one body for each of us. OH, I appologize for using caps. IT won't happen again........... leo
  10. But I don't remember John Gay ever singing with the Gleason orchestra however, I may be wrong nevertheless both were so lyrical and oh so good to hear UNLIKE, all that junk today that's supposed to be music !
  11. There's a host of other channels without any commercials as well.It used to be and still is I imagine, that rate given is in direct porportion to to viewship watching.
  12. I think not--Don't blame Sir Richard; chorus line was a bad premise to start with. Only way any director could save that was to throw out the music. except for the 1 song which is every Webber play, the rest is so bad. I was taken to see it in new york at a low time trying to get a writing gig and went out for a smoke when I heard, 'Gotta Get a job' Too much!
  13. As usual bansi --U so wrong once again. I care not if Fox owns hagover square Tcm should show it like showing H&M which Amc shown first...frankly I doubt if anytime soon tcm will ever show ha Wayne film...
  14. 'Hangover Square' and 'The Blue Gardina' with Richard Conti. Anne Baxter & Burr. As well as a few others. Could be when that progammer leaves or takes a vacation we'd get someone to dig into their titles and come up with some freash entries...my, that would be novel.
  15. Suppose those same few are about to get bent & dismayed at my comment BUT, with all the miserable 'things' going on and about in this world why does smoking in films now & yesturday be such an issue? Why I remember flying in the 70 & 80's and smoking was wherever one sat--I remember NO ONE waving their hands,mock coughing and all the rest of that childishness It has got to be such cool thing now to blast smokers. And U know something, it's all genetic: if one catches a cancer or osteoporosis. My motto: to each their own.
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