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  1. 3 hours ago, Princess of Tap said:

    Errol Flynn's only son, I believe his name was Sean, was an International photojournalist. It seems like he was killed around 40 years ago in some kind of a war zone. 

    Wow he looks just like Grandad! Yes it was believed Sean and a female co-worker were on motorbikes and captured by the Viet Cong. They think they were both held captive for a year and possibly killed by the Khmer Rouge.  No one knows for sure really sad.

  2. I pick Sinatra all the way for singing and I guess acting.  Eternity is one of my top favorite films but I have to admit I still scratch my head over the winning of an Oscar.  It must have been the actor he was supporting that made Frank look better than he actually was. ?  My favorite songs are Fly me to the Moon and My Way.


  3. On 5/19/2018 at 9:55 PM, TopBilled said:

    Nice list. I still have never seen PENNY SERENADE. It's in the public domain and easy to find. But I think I have trouble with the whole idea of Grant & Dunne in a drama, since I'm used to them in screwball comedies. So it's prevented me from watching it. They are two people I don't want to see costarring in a tearjerker. Now if it were Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer, I would have watched it by now, since I am used to them doing scenes with pathos.

    Don't be afraid lol.  Their are plenty comedic moments within the movie.  It portrays real life how one minute everything is great and next boom! gotcha sucker.  It doesn't get real sad till close to the end and that caught me off guard. Don't like how they ended the movie though all tied up in a pretty Hollywood bow.

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  4. On 5/9/2018 at 7:57 AM, Det Jim McLeod said:

    This is in my top five favorites of his films. That scene with the judge is still very moving today and one of Grant's greatest moments on film. I like the way the film starts as romantic comedy, then gets into some family fun, (the scene where Grant is trying to keep the baby from crying is hilarious) and later the dramatic and tragic moments work equally well. 

    The first time I saw it I was shocked that it went in a totally different direction. I completely bawled my eyes out and was more shocked at how that scene got me.  Maybe it was the little girl how precious she is in the angel scene, reminding me of my own kids and how much you hurt when they hurt.   Watching Grant and Dunne sit their with ridiculous pride on their faces over the littlest things a child does, so true and convincing.  I have to sit down and watch every time it's on. 

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  5. I must be the only one here that doesn't find him fragile or ethereal, in fact masculinity is one of his most perceptible qualities probably why both men and women loved him. I don't really believe his bi/homosexuality is what caused his unhappiness.  I listen to what his close friends and family have said and everything points to the fact that he was unsure, unfulfilled and disillusioned by his career.  The thing he loved most killed him.

  6. Regarding Raintree County for the record Liz Taylor's character was not part black she THINKS that she is part black, but 3/4 way through the film her nursemaid tells Clifts character that she was present for her birth and her mom was indeed white.  This is something that grated on Liz's character but more so was the letter she wrote to her mom telling of her dad's infidelity with a slave in which it is suspected Taylor's mother shoots them both and sets fire to the mansion...this is why Liz goes crazy.

  7. I know I'm late to the game but he is my most favorite actor.  Seen everything except Freud and refuse to see the Defector.  My favorite film is Eternity (cry everytime he plays that damn bugle) second to Red River and the Search and love the Misfits.  The Big Lift has some actual gems at Clift's capability as comedic romantic if you can get through the annoying military part it's a film worth seeing.  Saw Raintree the other night on Thirteen in HD was amazing. Could actually see the clarity in those gorgeous green eyes. (Note to self pop in dvd next time it plays in HD) My heart breaks just a little every time he has the talk by the river with "Jim" in the Search.  Gosh this guy is naturally talented personal life not withstanding who cares really, aren't we all a bit of a mess? Granted some more than others, we are just lucky he was here at all. Embedded to celluloid forever - amen.




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