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  1. Yes, I remember when Disney Channel used to air classic movies. I didn't see many of them way back then, but I remember seeing that "The Philadelphia Story" was listed as being on the Disney Channel. It was near the end of 1997 or the beginning of 1998 when Disney Channel stopped airing classic movies. In the summer of 1997, I saw - for the first time, and on Disney Channel too - "Midnight Lace" starring Doris Day. I also remember Nickelodeon's Special Delivery - which they aired on weekends. They aired classic films quite a bit on "Special Delivery", like "The Litt
  2. "Boomerang" (1947) A courtroom drama. Starring Dana Andrews and Arthur Kennedy "Boomerang" (1992) A romantic comedy. Starring Eddie Murphy, Halle Berry, and Robin Givens __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Road House" (1989) An action romance drama, Starring Patrick Swayze and Kelly Lynch. "Road House" (1948) A film noir romance drama. Starring Ida Lupino, Cornel Wilde, Richard Widmark, and Celeste Holm.
  3. I don't think so. Now, I do know that Universal controls Paramount films from 1930-49 ish. And all of those are definitely outside the Turner library. Ok. That's news to me if that's the case - regarding the Warner Bros. portion of the Turner library.
  4. You mean that the Warner Bros. portion of the Turner library is no longer restricted to films up to 1948 or 1950?
  5. "The Unfaithful" is a great movie. Eve Arden's character in that one is a complex character with plenty of shades and hues, a character who is ultimately sympathetic. And it's a drama too! "Goodbye My Fancy" is o.k.. Eve Arden is good in that one, but her character has little to do - perhaps less to do than in most of the other movies that I've seen her in. That film is mostly Joan Crawford the diva, as a politician. Make no mistake, I like that movie, but it isn't one of my favorites. It simply isn't a movie that I'm very eager to rewatch. By the way, I saw the schedule j
  6. Eve Arden is a choice that I'm happy with. She's one of a few people that I hoped would have a SUTS day. She was in so many movies - many of them real good movies - both within the Time-Warner library and beyond. Several movies of hers that TCM has aired that are outside of the Time-Warner library are "Cover Girl", "The Kid from Brooklyn", "Tea for Two", "Grease", and "Grease 2". Does any of you suppose that TCM will re-air any of those five movies this August?
  7. TCM did choose Liv Ullmann once as part of their Summer Under The Stars. It was two years ago - 2019. She is someone whom I had hoped they would choose, for years.
  8. Hmm, I stand corrected. 2012? I thought it was last aired more recently than that. Still, I was right about one thing. TCM has aired it at least 7 or 8 times. This film is certainly not one of TCM's one-night-only films. I still believe that there's a good chance that TCM will include it this August.
  9. I think TCM probably will get Paramount to loan out "No Way to Treat A Lady" for George Segal's day. TCM has aired that movie a number of times over the years since the late 1990s all the way up to last year. For several years even before George Segal's passing, I've thought about him as a SUTS honoree. These are the other films that I've been hoping TCM would air for his SUTS day: - "Act One" - "King Rat" - "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" - "Ship of Fools" [unless they reserve it for Lee Marvin's SUTS day] - "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre"
  10. Probably. "Paris Blues" (an MGM-owned United Artists title) and "High Society" (a Time-Warner-owned pre-1987 MGM title) will very likely turn up. TCM seems to air both of them at least once a year. That's good news since they're both good movies. I wouldn't be surprised if, for Louis Armstrong's Summer Under the Stars day, TCM includes "Hello Dolly" as well. TCM has aired it from time to time over the years. I'd be happy to see that one on this August's line-up.
  11. To jamesjazzguitar, you have a point there. Sound like a whole lot of corporate drama behind the scenes. At the same time, Disney acquiring Fox happened months ago, early this year. TCM is still airing a lot of Fox films. I can't see any decrease in the number of Fox films on TCM. This actually makes it even more shocking to think this would be the reason for an absence of films like "Love Me Tender". If Disney wanted to stop TCM from airing Fox films, they probably would have done so before now. TCM has always done well with negotiating films from other libraries. It
  12. Something for down the road, my idea for August 2023's Summer Under the Stars: 1. Greta Garbo (mostly her silent films, with only three to five of her talkie films - and perhaps TCM's documentary about her) 2. Ronald Reagan 3. Sara Allgood 4. Van Heflin 5. Mercedes McCambridge 6. Oliver Reed 7. Vivian Blaine 8. Bruce Bennett 9. Lizabeth Scott 10. Juano Hernandez 11. Tuesday Weld 12. Hattie McDaniel 13. Sam Wanamaker 14. Bonita Granville 15. Michael Rennie 16. Shir
  13. Good grief. Among the films that I was hoping TCM would include for Elvis Presley's SOTM in July, they're only showing "Change of Habit" and "Frankie and Johnny". According to TCM's database, it's been at least eight years since TCM aired "Love Me Tender" - Elvis' film debut. What is TCM's problem? In the last few years, TCM has been doing better regarding leasing films from other film studios' libraries. There isn't any reason for TCM to stop doing so now, and to merely stick to the Time-Warner (1924-1986 MGM) library and the United Artists (1987-present MGM)
  14. Here's hoping that this July's Elvis SOTM schedule will include the following films: "Roustabout", "G.I. Blues", "Paradise Hawaiian Style", "Fun In Acapulco", "Frankie and Johnny", "Kid Galahad", "Kid Creole", "Change of Habit", "Blue Hawaii", "Love Me Tender" (Elvis' film debut), and, last but not least, "Loving You". According to the TCM film collection database, TCM has never aired "Loving You" yet. Isn't it high time that TCM get the leasing/broadcast rights for this one? We're talking Elvis, Lizabeth Scott
  15. These are some performers that I thought of for August 2022's Summer Under the Stars - next year. What the heck though, I'll share them with you now. 1. James Stewart (TCM should mix it up where his movies are concerned. I have 10 to 12 in mind for his SUTS Day. It doesn't have to include "The Philadelphia Story" - which I think is overplayed, and even overrated.) 2. Ida Lupino 3. Ramon Novarro 4. Linda Darnell 5. Peggy Ann Garner 6. John Ireland 7. Katharine Hepburn (I have in mind a different sort of mix of movies this day
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